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help with lifting '00 xls


May 22, 2008
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chester virginia
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2000 xls 4wd v6
i want to lift my 2000 xls. i have seen where people do TT shackles and then the pa-883 body lift for 3 inchs..... ive never done a lift so i dont know much about it but im just wondering if thats the best way to lift it or if theres another way also am i going to have problems with the cable lengths underneath? any help would be appreciated thanks or just PM me with ur suggestions

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There is also a 4" suspension lift available, however it is much more expensive and involved. The TT and shackles is an easy 2" and then the body lift is a moderately difficult 3". The difficulty of the body lift really depends on the condition of your vehicle and your mechanical ability. There are really good write-ups on each of these lift options on this site.

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i think im goin to do the TT 3inch body lift n then the warrior shackles some of my friends have lifted trucks and know how to do it so they said they would help so hopefully it wont be to much trouble my truck has only seen mud once cause its stock and i didnt wanna mess it up but thanks for the input but the 4inch suspension lift is a lil outta my way cause i dont have that kind of money and im just lookin for a decent lift lol

You always have the option of adding the 4" lift later if you still want more height over the 2" TT/Shackle. That's the best part of any lift you have the option of changing it later and going back, well unless you go full on with a SOA and SAS then things get a little more difficult to reverse.

Sounds like you made the right choice :thumbsup: