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Help with new 22" tires and wheels!!!

I have a 99 awd and it has been lowered and it has 20" chrome wheels with I believe to be a +40 offset on 245/35/20 tires.

I am buying some 22's in the next week, but I really don't know what to be looking for as for offset or anything. I found some 22x8.5 that I like and they have a +35 offset and I can either get some 265/35/22's or 265/40/22's tires.

Just trying to figure out if the +35 offset will be ok(I would assume so since the ones I have are +40) and if I should get 265/35's or 265/40's. I usually see 35's instead of 40 especially if the explorer is lowered which mine is so I don't know because I don't want rubbing issues, but the extra tire would be nice. But I do not want to have to trim anything.

This is how mine is now with 245/35/20's

And someone else with 265/40/22's (just don't know what offset those are and if they are rubbing)

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You already posted this earlier.

In the modifed section thats correct. One of them can be deleted, I just need some opinions and figured the wheels and tires section might give me more then the 0 I got.

If you ever want to get rid of the 20's let me know

Why not just get new tires? 265/45R20 or 265/50R20's will be larger and be back to stockish diameter. Cheaper than new wheels.

Either 265/35R22 or 265/40R22 will also be close to stock diameter, with the larger ones just slighty on the high side. The 22's will cost a LOT more though, both the wheels, and the tires to go on them. The much lower profile tire leaves the wheels more vulnerable to road damage, too.

The 5mm difference between wheels isn't much, and likely won't mean squat in terms of rub or fit. There are differences between tires and wheels anyway, so even if someone else has 22's of one brand with some tires that fit with no rub, you can get some other 22's, with other tires, and they can rub. It's usually best to test fit if you can, or even just compare the wheel and tire measurements to what you have now, taking into account the frame/fender clearances you have, and whether there is wiggle room for a wider tire. Plenty of stock rides use 265/70R16's which are pretty wide too, and similar diameter. Get it right and the only thing that will make them rub is the fender/tire clearances due to lowering. If you still have room on the inside front in terms of tire/frame clearance when turning, get the 40mm offset for that tiny 5mm difference in fender clearance.

I really like the rims you have on it now! I think those clean, simple rims look the best! Those are exactly what I want when I can afford a pair.

hey does anyone know any buddy selling 20" wheels

I don't know anyone in particular but there are always a lot on craigslist that you can check out... usually can get some for a pretty good price if you find something you like.

Yea I got my old 20's and new 22's on craigslist. I just got the 22's on and I just had to trim the inside of the front bumper so they wouldnt rub. They fill up the wheel wells alot better and glad I did it. The 20's were nice but I AM happy with my new ones and that's what matters. I have the 265 35 22 tired on with wheel adaptors which is why they stick out a little bit and it is lowered.


Wow, they actually look too big..or maybe it's just from sticking out with the adapters.

Having the tires stick out past the fenders that far on a lowered vehicle isn't good, when you hit a bump or pothole hard enough, the fender lip is going to smash into the top of the tire, resulting in some interesting looking sheet metal.

Doesn't always happen on rides that are lowered by riding on the bump stops, but then the ride like a dump truck and they look pretty silly driving down the road bouncing around from every minor bump in the road.

From the pictures it looks like they stick out more than they do, but yea it's about an inch and a half. And I avoid or go real slow over any bumps, but thanks for the concern.