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Help with new head unit Please


November 10, 1999
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thanks for reading this, ok a local audio store has a pioneer 180 watt cd player for 135 its a steal at that price , i was wondering what types of tools will i need to install this i have a 94XLT with the stock tape player i know i neew a harness and the plugs to remove the old radio but what else do i need to get the best out of this radio is it worth it , thanks alot

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I just installed a Pioneer Cd Player in my 94 XLT.....

One thing to ckeck for sure is if you have the "Premium Sound" option.......There are a couple of different plugs for Fords out there....the standard radio has a large black and a large grey plug.......The premium option means that there is a factory amp....the grey plug remains the same, but there is a smaller, 8-pin plug on mine...this smaller plug feeds the speakers/amp.....

Also, you will need to buy/make a stock radio removal tool.....there are two small holes onb each side of the face of the stock unit.....the tool must fit into each of these holes at the same time to depress a tang on each side....then pull the unit out.....

VERY easy install, once I got the right harness adaptor.......

Tools you'll need:

Wire cutter, wire splicer, small ratchet set, a flathead screwdriver just to help out, stuff to connect wires, the aftermarket radio harness ($15 autoparts store, electronics store, or car audio store) and the stock radio removal keys ($3 from a local autoparts store).

This should take you about two hours at the very most being careful, most of the time spent cutting the wires and splicing. This doesn't include the amp bypass, just instructions to help you with installing a new radio.

Sit around, watch TV, and splice together the wire set that comes with your new radio, together with the harness you just purchased.

Open up the dash. Pull out the ash tray, push down on the clip above the tray to fully take it out. Let it hang. Use the ratchet set to remove the two small screws on the side of the ash tray holder assembly. Pull that out. Now, gently, but firmly, start pulling the face assembly away. It might be easier if you put the steering wheel in a lowered position, as well as the shifter, if it's automatic. Make your way around the whole dash, watch for wire connections, such as maybe an alarm LED, and if you have 4x4, the 4x4 button cluster (disconnect this with the help of the screwdrivier). Hardest part will be getting this whole dash face over the steering wheel column. Use the "keys" to get out the old radio. Install the new one, with the harness easily plugging in to the factory wiring. The rest will follow!

Good luck!

Thanks alot , i'm sure i have the 20 watt factory amp in the mack the guy from the store said all i need is the harness for the radio i do not have to buye pass the stock amp i can leave it does thins sound ok? and also JTang why are you saying i have to remove the dash? cant i just do what David said that makes more sence? thanks

Also david did you leave the stock amp in the truck how did it sound in the end was it worth the money?

Oh, I don't know. I though the 94 model was like my 91. Or did you purchase the more recent style model in 94? I think the factory radio is a little thicker, so you'll have to put that sleeve that holds the new radio snug in there as well. For the early models, you can't just pull the radio out through the hole. If you can, than even better!

Jtang and david are both right, but the 91-92 dash trim is different than the 93-94. The 91-92 radio sits behind the trim on the 93-94 the radio sit in front of the trim. In other words it is easier to change the radio in the 93-94.

Kris Guilbeaux