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Help with part#. 04 XLT 4.0 SOHC


October 6, 2019
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elkland, Pennsylvania
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2004 Explorer XLT
Hey guys. For some reason I am having issues tracking down a spring bolt kit for the joint in front of the muffler. If anyone can help with with a part # I'd be grateful. Thanks!

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Thank you for that I'm looking at it right now and it's definitely cheaper than what Ford wants for OEM. But it doesn't resemble the OEM 1. I know it's aftermarket but the nuts if you can call them that, look strange the OEM kit has just your run of the mill
nuts.I guess I need to crawl under there myself but we have ****y weather here in the Northeast.thanks. much appreciated.

4.0 v6. I believe they are the same. Napa wants 18.99. Ford legit wants 21.00$ per bolt and 10$. A We are talking 60$..Crazy. But yes. Thanks.

For $7.59 + shipping the aftermarket R/A kit that includes two bolts, springs, and flag nuts seems like a no brainer to me.