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help with pinch bolt


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May 4, 2008
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Washington state
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91 bone stock 4x4
Hello, and Help...

I am in the middle of replacing ball joints on my 91 4x4 and can't figure out where to get a socket for the darn pinch bolt....

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It's not an odd size, I think its a 7/8

pinch bolt

now i am really cornfused. this thing has a 8 or 12 point star head...

I think a regular 12 point socket fits the 12 point bolt.

I forgot what I used. Teh new Ball joint came with a standard replacement bolt

Damn pinch bolt

What size is the pinch bolt? I got a 12mm 12point deep socket on(barely) and it started to round. Couldn't get much meat. Is the bolt head small? What if I round the damn thing? any pointers?:(

To make it easier you should use a wire brush/wheel to remove as much rust from the bolt threads as possible. Then soak it with PB Blaster (Penetrating oil) to give it a chance to loosen things up.. You can always heat the bolt with a propane torch for 5min+.. This will slightly expand the bolt, burn of any red loctite, and allow it to be removed easier once it cools down..

The OEM pinch bolt was 12mm 12pt, but the replacement one (Moog) was 6pt.

get some easyouts advance or autozone should carry it use those and it willeither break or comelose