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Help with pinging/dieseling noise '02 SOHC


December 15, 2004
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Brooklyn, New York
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"02 XLT
Happy Holidays folks. Here's the problem:
I have a '02 SOHC with 46,x.. miles. About six months ago I took her to a local dealer to get in a couple of minor repairs before the warranty expired. I had just begun to hear an annoying sound when I accelerated. It sounded like beans being poured into a metal trash can. The sound stops once the car downshifts. The mech who test drove it said that it was probably nothing (!?!?), that it was probably knocking or pinging, to try high test. High test seemed to help A LITTLE, not much. The noise has gotten louder over the last few months. If I drive very conservatively, the truck will never make the noise. Only when I give it some gas does the noise happen. It shifts smoothly and there doesn't seem to be any hesitation or loss of power. Here's an interesting footnote: If I shift manually for a while, the noise seems to be less, even when I go back to "D". Local mechs have suggested: additives to clean the fuel lines (did nothing), check the spark plug gaps (did nothing). I have always used good gas so I doubt there could be buildups in a car with 46,x.. miles. What do you think? I would like to give the mechanics some good leads. Thanks in advance.

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of course the dealer is gonna say "its prbly nothing" when the warranty is about to run out. my 91 sounded like a peterbilt diesel for about a month until i dumped a quart of lucas in to help out the dreaded 4.0 lifter tick. but a newer car doing that? im not sure. my moms 5.0 explorer has the same kinda noise you described comin from the passenger side manifold.. typical ford haha

Sounds to me like its time to try a can of Sea Foam through the intake.

Have you had any CEL illumination?

Good luck....

Forgive my ignorance, but what is CEL illumination? And how does one use Sea Foam? Thanks much.

Lino Gomez

"Check engine light" Duh! No, no CEL. Thanks for the info.