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Help with some misfire codes

Pat Morgan

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August 28, 2016
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Florida Panhandle
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Milton, FL
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2010 Explorer XLT 4.0
Hi Guys

Bought a 2010 Explorer XLT 4.0 a few months ago, currently 65 k miles. As far as I know
all stock (nothing obvious anyway) so far hadn't had any problems.
So, about a week ago I accelerate away from a stop sign and my engine stutters a bit
pull over and she is idling rough. I sit in a parking lot for a few minutes and then everything
is fine. She runs good for a couple of days, the stutters again, rough idle...but at speed
runs fine. I stop a couple of days ago at the local auto store and get my codes read.
Sorry, check engine light didn't come on until about the second incident.
P0304 Excess emissions level of misfire detected cyl 4
P0204 injector circuit/ open cyl 4
P0300 random misfires detected
P0305 cyl 5 misfire detected
P0306 cyl 6 misfire detected
P2198 02 sensor signal biased/stuck rich - bank 2 sensor 1
P0175 fuel system too rich -cyl bank 2

I looked under the hood and didnt see anything obvious, plugs, wires, coil all seemed
connected nothing loose. I am somewhat mechanical...I can change my oil, plugs etc..
I CANNOT rebuild an engine....

I do have a tight budget. I thought maybe I had gotten some bad gas so I ran a can
of GUMOUT injector cleaner and a tank full of gas from another store.

My mileage has dropped to 8 mpg from about 16 with mixed driving.
The stutter is still intermittent. I can go several miles with no issue, but then its back.
Seems to be worse taking off from a dead stop, or accelerating in traffic.
ETA: I will get a strong smell of gas on occasion at start up

The CEL is on and will occasionally flash for a few seconds then stop. Where do I start? Is there maybe one thing causing all the issues. I have read around on this forum and see
fixes from plugs to new engine...Just seeing if I can get pushed or shoved into the right
cheapest fix. Hopefully something I can do. Thanks in advance guys.