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Help with spedo after trans swap


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August 1, 2012
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1998 explorer 4dr ohv

I just completed an auto to manual trans swap on an 02 explorer sport. It works great now... mostly. The speedometer and odometer does not work anymore (it did before). I was under the impression it derived the signal from the transfer case or rear axle, not the transmission? Any one have any ideas? Here are the details. The original trans did not have the vss sensor on the extension housing (maybe internal) the new manual does. I am still using the auto wiring harness and computer (I will have the computer reprogrammed eventually). Reverse also doesn't work but I figured out a way of making that work though if anyone has the specific wires that control reverse I'd appreciate that as well.

I have owned a manual 98 explorer for a few years now and from what I can tell and people have told me the 02 SPORTS get posted in this thread, correct me if im wrong.

Thank you

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Manual trans don't use wires for revers, speedo should be off rear differential.

Thats what I'm thinking.
Something unplugged?

All manual trans has a plug right on it for reverse lights but there is no speed sensor on 98+ units.

☝☝ what he said, I need to quit typing half awake.

Ok yea I know where the reverse switch is on the manual trans (my 98 ex has a bad connection there) I just dont know which wires are the reverse controls on the automatic wiring harness? I was going to just wiring it up separately if i have too. And yea thats where i though the spedo signal came from. Ill go under and check the conections. I had the whole thing apart for 4 months so I probably forgot a wire somewhere!