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help with the ex not dropping...


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December 30, 2007
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Berkeley, CA
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04 explorer
took it to the shop for shocks and to get lowered, with 1" drop blocks in the rear the fender is sititng only 1/2" lower than stock, and the front after 6 full turns only lowered 1/2" they drove it around the block and then checked and aligned it and it still was only 1/2" drop they said the torsion bolts are maxed out. i am about 1" off the bump stops, and im wondering how i get that extra inch? is it possible someone had messed with my ex previously? and thats why it wont drop? so stock it sat 34 1/6" in the front left and 34 1/4" front right, 32 5/8" rear left and 32 3/4" rear right, after lowing they measured

33 1/2 front left and 33 1/2 front right

32 rear left and 31 7/8 rear right.

this is 6 turns out on the torsion bolts and threaded the front left one in a couple to match the front right....what do i do now? torsion key flip thing? they gave me a good break on the fact that they didnt get the drop i wanted so thats cool and the rancho shocks on 5 of 9 are feeling way good the ride is smoothe but cranking them up to 9 in a minute;)

but yes will it settle out? im parked uneven so after a 20 mile drive i havent measured ill go crank the shocks up and remeasure it...any help is welcome guys! i installed the autozone 1" rear drop blocks

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i read both the torsion flip how to's im just wondering why i got so little 1/2 inch out of loosening the torsion bolts! its kind of aggrivating. shouldnt i get atleast an inch? and why with a 1 inch drop block didnt the rear go down an inch! :mad:


so i checked out the and was able to find this:

i take it this is the same as the torsion flip or very similar, replaces the torsion adjuster...can someone elaborate how this will differ from the factory one, and on their website they have two of them 95-06 and 95-07 or something along those lines in their years. I think i am going to purchase these and camber adjusters, the rear sway bar and EE bump stops, here next month and get this thing sitting on the tires in the front :p:...

on another note the rancho 9000's are on their highest setting which makes small bumps in the road more pronounced but it handles amazingly!!! i just need that sway bar!...also i notice when i mash on the brakes at a relatively low speed the vehicle used to kinda nose dive and slow down, now it barely dips and the ABS starts up and i go to an immediate stop! also taking off the rear end doesnt sink so much. i like it! the ride is not unbearable by any means, kind of wish the shocks went to 11 lol but considering 9 is 800%? more firm than 1, idk what 11 would be lol.

so to add to my list of a million q's has anyone installed the addco front sway bar it says its 1 1/5" dia. what is the stock dia sway bar? and is it worth the upgrade?

any input is appreciated guys...ill try to get some picks up but its terrible :( the rear is about 1/2-3/4" lower than the front it looks retarded :mad: dave at explorer express said he never ran into one they couldnt get 1 3/8 out of. and suggests that my suspension may have been modified getting it in the rack tomorrow to see if i can get some more out of it...

the only thing that fits for these trucks on that site are those flip blocks, too bad they cant even get the years right, its not their fault, they're mildly retarded.

I thought 02s had IRS rear suspension?

drop keys

no no i have a sport 2 door, its got the torsions in the front and has tow pakage so multileaf in the rear, the rear went down nicely but the front wasnt going, i e-mailed that site or whatever and he said the torsion adjusters will fit my i ordered some well see when they get here...