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Help With Thermostat Housing and Thermostat... coolant leak.


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March 8, 2014
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South Carolina
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2002 Ford Sport Trac

I had coolant leaking from the Thermostat Housing. I purchased a complete kit on ebay for $70. It came with the lower housing, upper housing, gasket, o-ring, thermostat, hose going to water pump, all bolts, and both sensors. I may have forgot something but it was all there.

My question is, I replaced everything and now my thermostat gauge says its overheating..? (immediately as i cranked it up) overheating was never an issue. It doesn't seem to be.... what's the difference between the 180 and 195 thermostat? Could that make my gauge be almost red lined?


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check the sensor conections,, i think they may be similar if i remember correctly.. did mine awhile back.. i dont think either heat range for your thermostat would make it read that.. i think i put a 180 in mine..

sensor connections are in there pretty good.... all the way down...
thermostat is "right side up"....i dont think the upper housing can go on if the thermostat is upside down.

should i put the old thermostat back in??? or try using old sensors?

i only replaced it all because the housing kit came with it.

You could try switching back to the old sensors but I would test the thermostat in boiling water first to make sure it's working properly. I replaced my housing last fall and used the old sensors but it reads on the cool side and takes a long time for the gauge to even move.