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help with "what's missing from my console" :o)

a few pics

Bolt slides right out. Remove plastic end cap
broken bracket/new bracket

just a mock up.
I still have to do the padding and tuck the cover under the bracket(the new screws that came with the bracket are the silver ones. The plastic under the missing screw hole is broken also)

something like this. this is foam from some fruit that got mailed to me

this is also where the plastic has broken. under where you rest your elbow. what a mess

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sorry for the rushed pics,wording, and workmanship...its 95 outside and I started this after I cleaned the blocked EGR valve on the wifes accord. I'm feeling a little dizzy and taking a break. I'll get back to it after a nap and some food:)

Got her all buttoned up! Thanks everyone! Yep, thats a screwdriver slip sratch.(from tucking in the cover under the bracket with an eyeglass driver) You can see the foam in the bottom. Ended up putting the foam ibetween the new bracket to lift the broken elbow area. The cover woulnt fit right with the extra foam on top of the bracket

Both screws are black and cover looks great(its just the sun coming in making it look this way)

Its nice and straight on top and bottom. Again the suns making it look weird

dont mind the stained pass seat. deer in road-gallon of milk smashed against glove box.(I will clean it some day) Its also the reason I have no flooring(but I like it with no flooring anyway)

well there another option you can do it will cost like 60 bucks and you need to get at the salvage yard i took of those seats and replace them with a 2004 ford ranger seats and they come with the middle counsel and it adds one more person to ride in your truck that's what i did ill put a video on youtube later so u can c what i mean the bolt pattern match up to da exiting ones you dont have to drill new ones well laters

Still confused

I have a 2002 Explorer Sport (not Trac) built in August of 02. I bought it at auction and so far I've been lucky with it. At this point, the console is the only thing that still bugs me as I really need a place for my arm. I'm not certain what it is I am looking for however.

I have the bag and a gray hump with a bolt. I'm not sure if I'm looking for an all in one replacement or something like this and then buy this for it.

My son noticed that it has no cup holders in the back so I'm thinking the former, but what I get from eBay and parts vendors and even Ford parts do not agree as to what the OEM is here. Sport vs SportTrac vs 01 vs 02... no one is certain.

Help me choose the right one that will fit?

I'm not sure if I'm looking for an all in one replacement or something like this and then buy XXXX for it.

You only need the first two items to complete your center console.
The last link is a cover repair kit for repairing a damaged armrest lid. GL