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HELP!!!!! wont start


February 12, 2001
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Heres the deal. Usually starts fine, although Ive only had it about a week. When I tried to leave work it wouldnt start. Just clicked, jumped it and got it running. Went to pick up my kid from school and when I put it into park the RPMs jumped to about 3000 and wouldnt drop, same thing in nuetral but not in gear. Didnt want to let it sit like that so I took the chance and cut it off. Of course it wouldnt start again but this time there was also no click. Tried to jump it and nothing happened. Did even seem to be trying to draw a charge. What is up with this thing. This is my only vehicle but fortunately i live close to work and my kids school but my wife doesnt.

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what year do you have? it sounds like you have some computer problems that are causing the inability to start. as for the reving to 3k, did you hit the gas when it did this or did it do it on its own?

Its a 91 4x4. No as soon as I put it into park it went up to 3's. It didnt do this while it was in park the first time i jumped it. It would only do this in park and nuetral. But like i said i didnt want to let it sit there idleing that high although i suspected that id have to jump it again. I have been hearing the fuel pump whining lately but from what ive seen on this site thats not to uncommon.

check to see if your throttle linkage is stuck. if its not stuck then i would suspect that you have a bad computer. that is a pretty rare occourance though. go to O'reilly or what ever your local parts store is and get a code scanner for fords. youll want the one for '81-'94 or one that will scan the ECC-IV. follow all the instructions and you will find out what is wrong. another question, is your check engine light on all the time?

(i reread your first post and i can 99% say that its your computer. you have to be extreamly carefull when you jumpstart a car equiped with a computer contolled engine)

The check engine light has never come on. There were no problems with it previous to it dying the first time. Well other than normal probs with explorers. The dealership I bought it from is going to take a look at it. Ive only had it about ten days and they said theyd take care of it for me. Should know today whats up with it. Thanks for the info.