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HELP Wont Start


April 17, 2010
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east hanover NJ
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94 limited
My 94 wont start if you turn the key it wont even crank but if i jump the ignition it cranks its my only car i need help quick

Umm....OK. It's hard for us to help you out if we can't completely understand you.

If you turn the key, it won't crank. OK - got that part.

If you "jump" the ignition, it cranks. Alright - what do you mean by "jump"? What are you jumping and how are you jumping it?

Could be any number of things: Dead battery, starter relay is bad, starter solenoid is bad, starter motor is locked up, ignition switch is bad.

Detailed information on what exactly happens and what you are doing to it goes a long way.

sorry for not making it clear but i figuredit out there was a shorted relay in my alarm system that didnt even work