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August 16, 2001
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Pittsburgh, PA
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1997 XLT
After off-roading and getting stuck in a very deep mud puddle -- I've got problems. I had muddy water drop down from behind the dash (About 4 glasses full) and got water in the air intake box. I replaced the air filter and cleaned the muddy water out of the air intake box. However, the engine idles o.k. but stalls about every 10 minutes. It runs like crap when it has a load put on it and the heater made a bunch of strange noises when I tried turning it on. What can I do to make it run decent again. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Sounds like a mess:hammer: , the " cost" of playing in the mud:thumbsup: . I would bet there's still more cleaning to be done. I would suggest continuing through the air intake system all the way to the throttle body/upper intake manifold and make sure it's free of mud and water. Check and clean the connections for the spark plug wires. Check and clean/replace your vacuum hoses. It sounds like the heater fan got filled with mud and water. I would suggest you replace your engine oil and transmission fluid. It wouldn't do at all to have any mud there!

Good luck, and keep on wheelin'

While you are changing the fluids, don't forget the front & rear differentials.

Well, thought I would say thanks and give you an update. I cleaned the MAF and it still ran bad. Then my brother told me to take a hose and run water up the tail pipe (Probably not recommended) but alot of muddy water came out and then when it got clear I started the car and it ran perfect. Also, my heater worked o.k. after it sat for a day or so. Looks like I lucked out this time. Thanks for the help guys...