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"Herc Tour" Report

Gerald, gotta hand it to ya. I've been to lazy to read it, but the pictures kick ass!

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Your write-up was something I could only dream about. I will HAVE to take a road trip like that one day. I look forward to meeting you and Herc sometime after your move to SC. Best of luck.

Wow... I'm speechless and drooling with envy...

and I have a new background :D


And to think I payed $0.95 a gallon in Bakersfield for gas over thanksgiving. Oh that gas station we filled up at here is at $1.05 now and down the street it is $0.99. Abount the only good thing Fresno has going for it right now.


Yea sorry didn't get to say goodbye. I thought you guys were wheelin in the mourning but when Rod woke me up and I crawled out the tent you guys were heading out already.

Wish ya well!

yep gerald just moved in a good 25 minutes from me !
haha. at least gas is cheap here! knock on wood...

i filled up for $.87 a gallon today on my way to anderson to go mtn. biking.

great report garret,its been busy end of nov and i took off dec from all trips,but now im up and active again.great to have ya out here it was intresting and fun take care and glad to hear you made home safe.

I'm bumping this for no other reason than I just re-read it and was reminded what an absolutely fantastic time I had on this adventure. :bounce:

Thanks once again to all of you that helped me on this trip. :thumbsup: The years will not dim the warmth of the memories.

Hey I was there man!

Gerrald, when I met you in Moab (my first time) back then I had no idea this was part of your grand tour :)

I am sure you are still recovering from yuor stay at rangerX's house..

Look at the Pumkin! Such clean body lines!! hahahaha oh how times have chaged...rick it looked great witht he glass and 97 front clip, dont get me wrong it looks better now (to those who appriciate function over form)

That was a good read. You should write a book Gerald.

Kinda funny how everyone was crying about gas being over a dollar...now we're crying to have it back at those prices...lol.

hey gerald,it's (baexploder).i use the name kia dog now for awhile.i was thinking about our trip and how much fun all of us had on our days wheeling.i was reading the post on the clown of the trip(KIA),kia got very very sick late december of last year2004.so after a month of vet visits worring and seeing her get better after overnight clinic stays,whatever happened,happened again . i had to have her put to sleep last wednesday :( .but shes now resting or running around up their.i just wanted to say how nice it was to know that she had made other people laugh at the silly things she did.thanks for reposting this thread it puts a smile on, rembering her for how she was....thanks again.take care hope to run with you again somtime..

Man How time Flys.. Was Glad I was there for this one.

That was a killer trip. I wish I had got to tag along.



Well it's been five years ago now. Wow that's hard to believe.

Bump for old time's sake :)

Man, Five years. I really would LOVE to be able to run that trail once again. I'll bet ya not much has changed either. I'll look around and try to find more photo's of these run Gerald. I know we've got some more somewhere.

Yeah that was one of the best runs I've ever had.... we took it when we could and knew at the time that we might not ever have the time to do it (a two day trail hundreds of miles away) again. I never regretted that decision :thumbsup:

I really miss Peter :( after re-reading this and remembering the adventure we had together.

Lee, remember this evening?


Oh man, the memories.....

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I tried to send an email to Peter some time ago, never heard back from him. I think I've went with him about 4 or 5 times to various places, and he really was a great guy. Wonder what happened to him?

I do remember that night. I remember that we had a nice little campfire, even though that was banned from the national park. :D I also remember driving about 20 miles, in the pitch dark to get to camp. Who knows what we were driving along. This photo was taken while there was still some light out. We kept going while it was MUCH darker than this. Notice the trail well below.

Do you remember waking up the next morning to the several hundred foot drop-off that we were camping next to? All I remember is that we were about 20 feet from the ledge, and never once having a clue it was there till the morning. We set up camp with the help from our lights, and sat around while we enjoyed a VERY quite night.



I also just noticed that I should NOT of flunked the parallel parking test! Here's a picture from you taking the same drop, and even with the lift, you were lifting a tire. So what do you tell me, go for it, you'll have no problem. :p


And just to show people that you aren't crazy!

I took this time to put back on my sway-bars. The White Rim is really one of the hidden gems in Moab. About 200 miles off-road, and I only tend to remember us running into people once. If anybody EVER has a few days to spend in Moab, I HIGHLY suggest going there. A stocker can do it no problem. I just uploaded some more photo's into my gallery. Really did bring back some great memories.