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Here we go...2" body lift!!!

Ok.. I told you I will get some pics...

Here is my X, just after a 2" body lift, and after installing a custom made bumper.... I also get my torsion bar twisted, about six months ago...

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Dead Link Removed

If you want to see more pics, click on the link on my profile...

The wheels?? well I supossed I get a little excited with the black spray can....

I fabricated all the parts for the 2" body lift... THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO WROTE AND TOOK PICTURES OF YOUR BODY LIFT INSTALLATION!!! I guess everyone can do it!!!

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Ok now I will make some money to get the rear bumper and tires, then.....ok is time to wake up!!

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Give us some details on the custom body lift. I want to do one in the future and would like some ideas.


About the body lift... I read a post from gjarret, it was very helpful, well I have to say that I base my work on his post and this page from 2001explorersport , sorry if that isn´t your name exactly...
Well thanks a lot for your help...

First, I bought a nylon bar, and go to a 4x4 store to get it in blocks, with holes and all that....I could have 3" blocks or bigger, but it will need a lot of work, more than a 2" body lift do.....

Have the blocks....Now, the bolts...thanks gjarret!!! In his post I found the stock bolts size, I just add 2" and thats all.....

The radiator extension, well lucky I was, found a piece of metal at home and cut it in pieces....Click on my link I took some pictures of it.... I will fabricate new stronger ones, and take some more pictures...

Basically I do the same thing to install the blocks that anyone will have to do, oh, I found an article at a ranger page I though its the same that you get with the ranger kit (PA kit)

The job was done in about five and a half hour, I read those pages like 200 times!!!! It was write up step by step in my head...

About the steering extension, I didn´t have to make the steering colum is large enough to get 2" of lift, thats another reason why I go with the 2" and not with 3" or more...


I F**k up 2 bushings, because I put too much torque on it...Well tomorrow I will get to the junkyard and try to find some, I'm a little short of money, and don´t want to spend $$$ at a ford dealer!! Anyway, if I couldn´t find the bushings, that will be my last chance....Wait for me ford!!

Couldn´t fabricate (YET) the brackets to continue using my spare tire mechanism, well as I don't have the right tools, it's a little difficult to make it....And by the way, I'm dealing with the design of it, if I make it soon, I promise I will get some pics..;)

Two of the 10 new bolts that I bought, didn't work, were too long...So if you're doing the lift the right sizes are:

150mm X 12mm x6
180mm X 12mm x2
reuse two original bolts, the larger ones, exactly the ones in the rear end, I reused it on the passenger and driver floor....

Ok I finish my lift, so, I get in, turn it on, and realize that 2th 4th and reverse, didn´t get in, because the floor block the way of the shifter....Why I ever think : I really dont need that stupid shifter extension...? YEAH RIGHT!!, So... I take off the shifter , cut it, and weldge a piece of solid tube on it, put it back in its place, I still have to cut off a piece of the aluminium floor, and some other modifications to get it work, but it was kind of fun!!


I have to say, that if you are going 4" or more, fabricate your own kit, is not that hard... I really did it, just because the internacional shiping cost me more than the kit was about 150$ and the kit was like 130$ with the shifter extension...

Well, thats all for now, if anyBODY need some help, please I will be glad to help....

I will be posting some more pictures soon, because if I´m lucky, I will get some money from my little brother, and pay him later, to get a new rear bumper.... By the way, he help me lifting my X, Thanks!!!

Looks like you did a great job! She looks pretty mean! Is the next step rims and tires then? 32s maybe?

rick!! i want my bumper brackets lol!!!

next step

I talked today with the guy that did my front bumper, I offer him to design a web page of his 4x4 store, and in return, he will make my rear bumper, front bushguard, tire carrier, and hi-lift mount, and I will not charge him for the page.....

I think that is a good deal.... maybe then, I could get some money for my new tires....265/75/16 BF mud terrain!!

If I do the web page, be sure it will be on my next post.....

Re: next step

Originally posted by oso_polar

Hey BoatsRCool, sorry if my english is not the best... but If you dont like it, well, I´m doing my best down here...and by the way I´m sure the only word in spanish you could say is BURRITOS!!
No offense....

I have no idea what that means... all I said was I needed to talk to rick about making me bumper brackets..... not sure what a burrito has to do with it all.

You want your bumper brackets and I want my body lift installed!!! lol
I'm having a buddy of mine do the lift for me since he has access to a hoist but as you can tell I'm still waiting. I kinda wanted to see how the bumper brackets worked out before wasting my time making a copy of them. Someone here said the ones they give you don't work very well so.............
But I'll let you know the second it is done :)
Don't worry, I didn't forget about you.

oso polar,

creo que boatsRcool no se burlaba de ti, su ingles tampoco no es perfecto :D

Your X looks great. Love your bumper. Do you have a pic straight
from the front?

One out-of-topic question for you: why do you have the :fire: in your sig?? You don't like your X?


I have some other pics here...

Dead Link Removed

Of course I don´t like my X, I JUST LOVE IT!!!!

About BoatsRCool, I already sent a private message, about the misunderstanding, Sometimes we makes mistakes, Sorry about that....

Man! That is excellent! I will have to give more consideration to this project and get all the info and parts I need to do it one weekend. I'm just a little scared of the details but I'm up for it. I know I can get bolts but where the heck do I get those 2" rubber spacers?


truck looks great, front bumper rules.....but whats up with the spaypainted black rims. looks like you eveng painted part of the tires too.


Thanks again...!!

Thanks guys! I'm really glad you like my bumper and the lift, just wait two or three months and if all go as planned, maybe, just maybe, I will try to get a Roll Cage!! (ext)(before, I will get the Grillguard, rear bumper, spare tire carrier, and hi lift carrier, as I said before, for making the web page...) I just saw this weekend an explorer sport with the roll cage, It looks like an offroad beast.(the guy of the X, is also a member of this forum, but I will not give his name, just because I will try to convince him to post some pics)

Thanks...Well, about the rubber spacer, they are made of solid Nylon, like the ones on the Performance Accessories kit, I'd to buy a bar of Nylon, and pay a guy to make blocks of it, all with 12mm holes... You are waisting your time, if you are planning to go 2", you better go and buy the kit...In the other hand, think about it... if you want, you could get 4" or bigger blocks, and get a lot more than 2"...the biggest kit will be for 3" of lift...The guy with the roll cage, have 6" on his X, apparently no troubles at all...I have to say again, I make my kit, for the only reason that the international shipping, cost me around 150$ bucks, and the kit, 130$ you will only have to pay for shipping&handling, like 17,50 bucks... IMO, go and get the kit...

Thanks...and yes, I painted some parts of the tires too, not intencionally, but it's painted now, here is my solution: I will get my left tires and put on my rigth wheels, and viceversa...and this will bring the black letters out, and put the white (black painted letters) in, without changing the way it runs, just waiting while I get the money to get my 265/75/16 BF MUD TERRAIN!!!!

If any you have question, please, I'll glad to try to give an answer...


black rims?

No offense but black rims have got to be the worst idea ever!!!


The black rims are cool it gives it that distinctive look.

hey rick, is the lift done yet?

Well I just picked up my truck this morning. The Warrior shackles, the F-150 spacers, and new coil springs are in. However the body lift is not in. My brother is going to help me put it in this Saturday.
I also had some other work done to it. I had a new AC compressor put in and converted it to R134a. Whoohoo it's nice to have AC again!!! And I had new ball joints, new shocks, and new front U-joints done on it too. I still need to get it aligned though.
My buddy who did the work had my truck for 5 weeks! After driving it today it made me realize how much I had missed it. :) I've been driving my Mustang and occasionally the Intrepid when I swiped it for the day from my wife. lol It's been hot here and the AC doesn't work on the Mustang and having the top down just doesn't cut it when it's this hot. My point is, I missed my X! hehe
I'll post pics when it's done in Before and After.

i like the blaqck rims... gives it a military look....osopolar, what is up with the numbers and letters on all your windows

rick -

cool man. Just tell me when you get it done!

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Will do. BTW I didn't forget about your bumper problem either. I'll let you know how my brackets work out and see if I can hook you up.