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Here's a question for you guys...


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June 11, 2000
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My question is...

For the Explorers with the automatic transmission...does it take a second or two for the transmission to shift when you downshift (from OD/on to OD/off or from OD to 2nd)?

The reason I'm asking is because my transmission is kinda reluctant to change. It's like when I hit the OD/off switch, it would take about a second to kick in, same for downshifting to 2nd gear. I know there's nothing wrong with it b/c the OD light has never flashed and the ATF is fine. I took it to my mechanic for the transmission service when it turned 40k miles. It has roughly over 50k miles on it now. I've been wondering about that ever since I bought it last year when it had 34k on it. Thanks everyone!!!

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Mine takes a second to shift. When you drive a 5-speed, do you downshift instantly or do you do it slowly so it doesn't jerk the engine up to speed? It's not going to instantly jump out of one gear and into the other.

Well, yeah, I know what you mean, but here's the thing. My dad's friend's 2000 Mustang has an automatic and it shifts instantly when I press the OD/off button. So that's why I'm wondering.

When I manually shift out of OD by using the button, I can feel the truck shift instantly into neutral, then into 3 after about half a second. When the truck has to downshift out of OD automatically (if I hit the gas), it does take it a while. I find now, however, that the truck goes into 2 if it needs to, it doesn't go OD>3>2, like it used to. And I do not have a tranny-altering computer chip in there right now. I think it's cause my revs jump so quickly with the blower that the truck realizes downshifting into 3 isnt good enough.

So in short, a little tranny hesitation is normal. If you want to get rid of some of it, a chip like the Hypertech will make the tranny shift a little quicker and firmer.

Oh ok, thanks!! I thought there's a problem with the transmission.

MIne does it...

Mine does it too... I suspect it's normal. In my truck it's immediate! Like, right now! No hesitation, but my Explorer has always done it since day one.