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hesitant throttle


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January 28, 2014
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1994 Ford Explorer
Ok so, ive had this problem for a few months now and ive thought of a few things it might be but some are easier than others. I have a 94' Explorer sport 5speed and 2wd, it does it in any gear im in, i know that the explorer doesnt have much power but when im just driving and going through gears getting up to 45+ i feel like its not putting the power in that it should and feels a little hesitant when doing so, I cleaned my MAF a couple months ago and nothing really changed besides other problems i was having because it was dirty. I also replaced the fuel filter around the same time with no change, could it possibly be the fuel pump, or maybe the Throttle position sensor? I just need an idea to start from and im sure i can go from there. Just want to see if anyone else might have a reason as to why it is feeling powerless.

How many miles are on the truck? When was the last tuneup done? Is this your first explorer?

Benjam :D

Could be the fuel pressure regulator, have you got any codes on the cel? Have you checked your air filter? Could be one of several things, but the filters, plugs, cleaning the injectors, and cleaning the intake are all good places to start. Good luck with it!

ive got just about 207k miles i bought it at 194k and previous owner said a tune up was done before he was getting ready to sell it, how would i go about cleaning the injectors? and yes this is my first explorer and have owned it for about a year