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Hesitation and transmission problems...check this....


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December 26, 2009
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Ford explorer '94 and '00
Our trusty 94 4x4 started acting up lately. It would run slightly rough, and would sometimes die when put in reverse. Also, when driving on the bumpy country road, it would sometimes hesitate ever so slightly. We could not find a meaningful fault code, so we reset the memory and took it for a drive. One code came up, 211. We swapped out the Crank sensor, and the problem went away, but soon came back. Since the Crank sensor did not fix it next item was the EDIS module. Then, a thorough look at the electric diagrams revealed that connector C112 was common for the PIP wireing, and also contained wireing from EDIS to Coilpack.

Letting the truck idle, pullin on the cable harness hard, would cause misfires. So, disassembly of the C112 plug, some 5-56 / WD40 and reassembly. This explained the missing PIP signal, and ALSO why the truck would die when put in reverse. As the TC cut in, the engine moved ever so slightly towards the rear, causing a signal break. The connector C112 is located below the alternator on the passenger side, it is exposed to moisture and weather coming in throught the radiator. Trunck has now run 200 miles, with no hesitation, no problems woth reverse, and smooth and easy start.

Not also that it seems code 211, prevents other codes, and that code 211 does NOT cause a CEL. The reasoning is probably that this is such a severe error, that it needs to be fixed before trying to diagnise anything.