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Hesitation/bucking issue


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October 7, 2013
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2006 Ford Explorer Eddie
Hey all, I have a hesitation/bucking issue with my 2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bower Addition. When I reach 35-40 mph my Explorer begins to buck and hesitate until I give it more gas. Has anyone experienced this with their Explorers or have any ideas as to what may be causing this? In advance, thanks for your help.


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John, I renamed and moved your thread to the section that will give you the best chance of answers.

Welcome to the forum!

Does it happen when you are basically cruising under very light throttle? Do you have any dash lights come on? I had the issue on my 2006 V8 and it felt more like the transmission issue. Never any CEL or anything. Just gave it more gas and it would stop until I had been cruising for awhile under light throttle. I got the updated programming done at the dealer and it has mostly gone away. I still get it now and then but very subtle, nothing like before.

Have your vehicle scanned somewhere that can detect "pending codes". The vehicle computer keeps track of potential problems that aren't yet severe enough to throw a check-engine light (CEL).

When I had a spark plug going bad, I had the same symptom as you do. Vehicle in 5th or 6th gear (low rpm), under moderate throttle, but not enough gas for force a downshift. It created a misfire, and was logging a code for a misfire in a particular cylinder (can't remember which, not important). I swapped coilpacks on that cylinder with another, and the misfire remained in the same cylinder, which meant the spark plug or injector was bad. Swapped plugs and the misfire moved as well. Diagnosis...bad spark plug.

I had a bad coil that caused mine to lose power and otherwise misbehave when accelerating. Either self disgnose like thebrakeman did (good job!) or take it in somewhere they can run diagnostics for you.

If it's a V8 be very careful of spark plug removal!

Since cleaning my MAF sensor doing some limited cleaning on the throttle body I think it's running a little smoother recently. But if you have a cylinder that's not firing those tweaks won't help. A serious lapse of power means something more is going on.

A transmission software update might also be a good idea.

Most common cause is either coil or spark plug, especially on v8s.
I almost changed my torque converter, and it was just coil on #8 .

I just had this same issue on my new to me 06 V8 4WD, did the accel coils and new spark plugs and the issue seems to have diminished some (it may just be my driving habits are adjusting to it) but it still does it some times, particularly on 4th or 5th gear at 1250RPM-1500rpm. I believe it has to do with the TCM programming so that's what I'm going to try addressing next. It is very frustrating, this should be a recall

Mdeniz -

I would agree with you. I swapped everything: coils and plugs, and the bucking was gone 90 %, actually big improvement, nice power again.

But I still can detect it slightly, at certain RPM, and speed. It must the programing.

Have you changed the fuel filter?

Have you changed the fuel filter?

I have, but the truck feels extremely choked in power still, just to put it in perspective my gfs 4cyl santa fe is about as fast as my explorer side by side. I'm checking throttle body over the weekend to see if its going WOT, there is definitely an issue, and it only happens under 5-10% throttle.