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Hey All


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October 19, 2007
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Binghamton, NY
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93 Sport 2D 5-Speed

Whats up?? I'm Dennis From Binghamton, New York about 50miles south of syracuse, ny. Whats up i have a 93 black explore 4.0 5 speed about 170k tinted windows 15% all around but back window and 6 inches on front winshield 5%. Thank you Tint Conditions. Sweet System 2 12inch in sealed box being pushed by a fosgate amp. Also hooked up to the nice sweet raido from Sirius. I want to make it nicer and alot better looking im looking to pimp my ride with all new inside look and alot of new stuff on the outside. Well i hope im in the right place to find out alot of great ida's. Also Some minor repairs and info. I would like to thank you all for haveing me and i hope we all can have a great time..

Dennis 93explore 5speed:eek:

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Welcome to the forum, I'm guessing your a "street" kinda guy 20's and all that jazz

Welcome to Explorer Forum!

Welcome to the forum! Congrats on becoming elite so quickly!