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hey i`m a newbe here lol


November 16, 2009
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95 limited 4x4 4.0
hey found the site by doing a google search for ranger/explorer "performance"

and found you guys :D

i had a 95 2.3L 5spd ranger from 95-01. when i sold it it had 176K on it.and the only reason i got rid of it was it was a standard cab & seen a mustang i wanted.

since then i have has 10 diffrent mustangs.
not in the order i listed
95 GTS= GT stripped ( drk green )
95 GTS= GT stripped ( opal frost sliver)
98 cobra (canary yellow )
98 rio red GT (auto tragic)
2 86 mustangs both coupes blk & red ( both 4 cyl.)
89 LX 5.0 white
03 cobra ( black)
03 mach 1 ( azure blue ) with I.U.P.
03 cobra vert svt 10th anniv ( black) ( far from stock now lol )

i just bought a 1 owner 95 explorer 4.0 4x4 limited 80K original miles
for my daily.

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welcome and sounds like you got a nice truck under your wing

:thumbsup: :D thanks everybody !!!!!! when i started the search for my new ride. i looked at a bunch of diffrent stuff but then i looked @ the explorer & sat in it brought back memory`s of my ranger :D

i will get some pics up for you guys

also what`s some good stuff i can do to it. to wake it up a bit ???

thanks :salute: