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Hey I'm new!


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December 2, 2007
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Jackson Nj
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94 Explorer Sport
Hey whats up? I'm Susie from Jersey, and I love my truck! Shes a 94 2door Explorer Sport...I hate ppl saying that it's a Ford and a POS...My little truck has gone through some **** that other ppls bigger lifted trucks couldn't. For some reason my trucks a beast! lol. I love getting down and dirty with her...She looks better covered in mud then hunter green. I love to go out to woods partys in her and hang out with off road ppl. My truck isn't lifted yert but when I get money I want to lift her and paint her black. Muy friends call my truck Dora b/c it's an explorer...Get it Dora the Exlprer..lol So now thats what shes called...Thats just a little bit about my truck that I love so much. I also have a 91 Wrangler but it has to get inspected so I can't driver her for a while.

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Welcome to the Explorer forum :wavey:

Lots of good info, just browse through the various forums..

welcome little susie! have fun with your truck...

...welcome here and post some pics of you and your muddy truck when you get a chance...:D

Welcome to this forum!