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HHR Fan installed w/ PICS


March 19, 2010
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Merrillville, IN
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2000 (Pearl White)Limited
Ok well i got around today to installing my new radiator and HHR fan. The fan almost seems like it was designed for our trucks as the fit is close to perfect.

All i had to do was grind the 4 tabs off the shroud and I used some Hayes trans cooler straps to pull it against the radiator.

I am using a DCC fan controller to run it,, however I'm still waiting on the fan pigtail to arrive in the mail.

The fan will fit with the single core radiators but will nit fit the Dual core or the 2" core radiators as it will hit the WP pulley.

I will write back as soon as I see it in action,, but for now the truck is not only quieter (no loud fan) but gained a lil bit of power and better response.






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looks like it fits like a glove, i am thinking about doing an electric fan soon also but the controller/wiring part scares me lol, I'm into fabricating and wrenching but electrical is not my thing.

Did you just wash the engine compartment? Everything is shining!

Now that you gained back a few ponies from freeing up load on the cam - I wonder if there an electric waterpump that we could do on our trucks?

I did one on my LT1, granted that's a powerful v8 but I'm sure there's gains to be had on ours.

Great pictures, great write up!



Got the pigatil in today and the fan works flawlessly,, even at 100% current its a extremely quiet fan.

The part i really like is with the A/C on the fan works at 100% at idle which unlike the factory fan would not. this causes alot more air to flow accross the condensor and make the weak 134a a/c work alot better.

So far all i've tried to do is let here idle in the garage trying to see if it will even come close to overheat and NO DICE,, the fan kicks on to like on 10-20% of its power and cools this baby down in no time.. I can only assume that at 50-100% power would be enough to cool a big block!

All in all,,, this is about the best mod i've done to the truck thus far. Next comes some TM Headers and Exhaust and a Deep Sump Trans pan.

BTW: yes I just steam cleaned the engine bay while the rad was out. I was actually shocked how close to plugged the factory radiator was between the Rad and Condensor.