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Hi all from down under,


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March 8, 2007
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Riverton,South Australia
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98 xlt
I'm a new member and actually searched out this site,and from what I have read so far,I have found this site very educational.Most of the problems I have read about I have not struck as yet.(and hope I do not).
Any way I have a 98 XLT with 112,000 kilometres on the clock I think that is about 72,000 mls its still only a baby, but I work her pretty hard , we do a lot of touring around oz, we tow a 20 ft caravan, have an aluminium 12 ft dinghy
on the roof racks without the weight of the explorer we pull about 2 ton.
The only problem I have struck ,is with the power steering, when turning right I get a growling noise, this only happens when everything is warm, have had the lower power steering hose replaced this fixed the problem for a short time, but now it is back, any idea's ?.
By the way these are one tough truck, on our last trip we hit a Kangaroo was about 6 ft, only damage is cracked headlight, busted indicator housing,cracked grill surround and pushed the bumper down on its brackets.

I will be a regular vistor to this site Thanks Roy.

Aussie Explorer

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June 3, 2005
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Western Australia
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98 XLT
Gday Roy I am in WA myself, I come on the forum and have a scan every couple of weeks when I get time, There are lots of helpfull people and alot of knowlage on hear verry good site for us explorer drivers.

That is a bit of weight you are carrying there, I take it you have beefed up the springs a bit, I would carry half that amount when on trips and the Stock springs were rubbish as far as I was concerned.

Have since completely reworked the suspension for a mix of 4Wding and touring