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Hi! High_Order here!


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January 31, 2007
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near Oak Ridge, TN
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2005 Jack Bauer Edition

I guess since its' about going on three years here, and I can't seem to find where I introduced myself, I should prolly remedy that...

I am a Christian, 39 year old fat, white, balding, meat and potato eating (but not averse to quiche or anything else I can't pronounce, but tastes good), gun-owning (and carrying and using), (mostly)law-abiding, nerdy ladies man.

I live partly in Midtown, and partly in Lenoir City. I say near Oak Ridge, because its' not hard to find that place.

That is all.


My background is diverse. I have spent the entirety of my life in public safety one way or another. I grew up in a poor part of East Tennessee, and I like to tinker, so I've always been fascinated with how things work, and how to make expensive things cheaply. I have been modifying and upfitting vehicles since I was 15. I have been absolutely blessed with a lot of experiences, and I have a closet full of t-shirts to prove it.

I guess that's about it...

Far as the explorer angle, I've always thought they were beautiful since I saw the first 2002 the Marshals' Office here got.

Here's a list of where I've tried to pay back to Explorerforum the things I've learned since being issued, then getting my own personal, explorer. I have to admit, I haven't really gotten a lot of answers or support here, but I am hoping the threads I put here will help others solve their issues. I'm surprised none of it has gotten stickied, so I am making a list to make it easier to find a'la Brooklyn Bay.


How to replace the EATS (External Air Temp Sensor)

How to diagnose and repair a messed up fuel gauge in an 05 explorer

How to change your 2005 V6's Spark Plugs

How to change your 2005 v6's PCV valve

How to change your 2005 v6's front wheel bearings

How to diagnose and replace your 2005 v6's failing PCM

Tips on changing the differential fluids:

Where I illustrated ebCornburners' thread on how to reduce lag and tip in:

How to find the PCM on a 2005 v6

And, another PCM thread:

My input towards the "fluid is bad in the tranny" argument. I was pretty pleased with myself, even if noone else was...

Here's where I tried to get the dealership to fix my Speedo / wheel size issue:

My .02 on if you can flash the PCM (also, another post a little further down):

Where I simplified SWR for CB radios...

I actually was the reasonable person for once!

Here's my basic primer for flash tuning devices:

And, here's where I start crap over aftermarket repair manuals:

How to replace the Cruise Control Deactivation Switch on an 05 v6 with RSC

....and growing. Everything I do to make my explorer better, I try to record; that way others who come here can see my learning curve, and benefit from it. (Remember to look down in case I can't edit this anymore)

Explorerforum really IS the best site on the intarwebs for learning about these things, and I am glad to have been a part of the place for a little while.

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Wow, great info. I just found you for the first time on the forum, and I'm a daily visitor:crazy:.

Sorry to hear about your mixed feelings with the explorer, they can be problematic at times.

Hey there,
Im a newby here, a couple of months. I noticed your a public service vet. I retired from the DPS in Nevada last year after 28. Still trying to figure out what im going to be when i grow up ;o). I was trying to ressurect a 78 CJ, but the probs were outnumbering the fixes 3 to 1. Sooooo I thought Id give an explorer a shot. So far i love the rig. Its worn out, but one thing at a time, right?
drop me a line if you get a sec

but the probs were outnumbering the fixes 3 to 1.
You're going to be right at home with this vehicle... ;)

Sorry to hear about your mixed feelings with the explorer, they can be problematic at times.

I've never owned a vehicle I could just get in and drive. I've seen them, though. The only thing that bugs me is that this vehicle shares an assload of stuff with the same MY mustang, and it is/was the Best Selling SUV in America, but there just isn't that much DIY data out there. earlier gens have been wrung out for YEARS by the trails guys. I guess soccer moms' don't really care like they say they do... (shrugs) LOL

Don't get me wrong. I love the vehicle. I would just like it, as well, if I didn't constantly have to fix major issues on it. If I were 20 again, hell, it would be fun! But I kinda wanted something I could just modify a little, get in and turn the key for another 60k.

Sooo, guess I'll modify it a LOT, and turn the key less between failures. Everyone has a project, guess this is one more for me.... lol


welcome shawn

O.k. I'm new to this forum stuff and about to pop a gasket. I have some questions about your PCM problems. I'm a moe so if you could email me be great. I've enjoyed reading your threads and I'm in the process of doing a couple of them. thanks.