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Hi, I'm a new member and I need help!


New Member
March 10, 2015
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South Florida
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2004 Lincoln Aviator
Hi everybody, I've been reading the Everything Aviator thread for a few days and decided to join. I was afraid maybe no one was posting anymore but I see it's active and I'm happy to see fellow Aviator lovers out there. My ride is a 2004 triple platinum, affectionately named " Monster," and he has been with us since December, 2003 when he was brand spanking new. Currently, my husband is the daily driver as I've moved up to a 2009 Navigator (Bigger is always better; I may be headed for an F150 next!). Anyway, Monster is destined to go to our baby Mary when she gets her license next year and I want the car in prime condition for her. We're not able to get down into the engine and such ourselves (I wish I could, though), so I bought an extended warranty with Lincoln, since we don't know a good mechanic. The dealer is the only one who touches the car and all has been well until now. I'm told I need position 4 (in the rear by the spare tire) body mounts and you know what? Ford doesn't make the part anymore! You guys likely know what we're going through with the banging noise and it's driving us straight up the wall. I've tried everything I could to find an aftermarket replacement (Energy Suspension, Dorman, Lincolnland, Diverse Suspension, etc.) but so far no success. My poor car; only 60,000 miles on him and other than the Florida climate (I think I've been through 4 sets of tires already), he's led a charmed life. I'm hoping and praying someone out there can give me an option. At this point, I'm down to looking for a junked car that may have the part. Energy Suspension people were real nice but said they didn't recommend their Universal Mounts. Whatever can we do? Any ideas will be gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance for your help.


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November 11, 2005
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Brooklyn, NY
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