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Hi, throttle body question (5.0)


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April 15, 2003
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Hi, I'm new here from RPS. I've been undergoing the V8 conversion for quite some time now. I'm using the GT-40 lower for 5.8 and the Explorer upper. The upper isn't here yet, but it doesn't have the 90* elbow or throttle body. I've done a search on here, although it's tough to sort through the piles of information (Can't search for v8). The general consensus is that there are no aftermarket throttle bodies for Explorer V8's, and the 89-93 Mustang throttle bodies will work with modification. Why won't the 94-95's work? Also, of the upper manifolds I've seen, they resemble the 89-93 Cobra uppers, so could I just use the 45* elbow adapter and corresponding throttle body and be ok? It just strikes me as odd that Ford would put so little interchangability on this setup.

u answered your own question LOL. u can use any one you want no big deal. if you use a 93 TB you need to use a 93 trottle bracket and cable. if you use a 95 you need to use a 95 braket and cable. if you use a explorer intake and elbo with a 93 70 or 75mm you need to make a plate to make it with with the stock linkage or use a 93 linkage. it is all pretty easy. my brother truck has a 93 75mm on his truck.