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November 9, 2010
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South Carolina
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96 V8 AWD Explorer
Hi. I just got my first car, a 96 Explorer xlt. It has dark green and gray two-tone paint. My grandparents got it for me for just $3,800. It only has 105,000 miles and it's in great shape. It has the 5.0 V8 and all wheel drive. It's also fully loaded with leather, cd changer, moon roof, and power everything. I love it so I decided to join here.

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Welcome! 105K miles is still a baby!




welcome! I have a similar set up except mines black and grey and a mountaineer. mine is my first car as well and picked it up last year with around the same amount of miles, i've got 127xxx now on the odo. any plans for it?

That is Identical to my sisters truck (the very truck that turned me on to Ex's) and it is one hell of a truck! We are at 250K right now and all OEM. That 5.0L and 4R70w trans are bullet proof. Take good care of it and you will be taken good care of :D Nice truck!

welcome and sweet lookin ride! for a 96 the seats and interior are in good shape im impressed. mines a 97 and is also my first car got it in 2007 with 97,000 miles on it, got 163,000 now and still running strong like it did wen i drove it off the lot,

I'll take extremely good care of it. I LOVE this truck. My stepfather who owns a 2008 Mercedes loves it and can't believe how nice it is! haha. An engineer owned it and he has records of everything he did to it, including changing light bulbs! I love driving it, its comfortable and has great V8 power. The day we got it we took it to our local dealer to get it checked out, all it needed was some cruise control recall which took 30 seconds to fix.

So far all I've done is get some Weather-Tech floor mats in and I went to the Pull-a-Part and got some chrome license plate lights from an Eddie Bauer Explorer because mine were black and they looked bad with the chrome bumper.

Welcome to this forum!