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hiccup or bumpy


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March 4, 2010
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San Juan Puerto Rico
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Sport Track 02
hey guys this is my problem hope i can describe it good.

ok when i press gas the engine makes this hiccup or bumpy thing that when am driving the engine is shaking and not running good. I went to Auto Zone for a Scan and they told me: it can be Spark plugs, wire, ignition coil or Crank Sensor. so I changed sparks and wires and 2 of the wires were green and rusted when i unplugged from the ignition coil, did this and still have the problem. Do you guys think is the ignition coil, am running low on $ so spending money on trouble shooting as less as possible would be good, weather I would Love to change just everything as normally i do, but am without job right now.\

Thanks For HELP!!!

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Did it throw a code or did the AZ folks just guess?????

yeah, but I lost the paper that says the code,

Have it read again............

yeah, am gona do that tomorrow. Thanks!

Ups, I removed the positive pole from the batt, so the Check engine light is gone, i might need to wait until the light turns again so i can go to Auto Zone for scan...

Ill keep you guys posted!