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HID Bulb color, pic is included

I've installed DDM Tuning 4500K in both low beam and fog light. Take a look at the picture, as I'm now thinking the low beam is actually 6000K.

I would think the color would match. Any ideas???



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I'm thinking the headlights are the ones with the 6k lights. Call or write DDM with your issue.

Yeah, the head light low beams are probably 6K. I called and spoke with DDM Tuning, great service btw, and they told me to get night pics and then email them. The night really shows it too.

Otherwise, these put out great light output. I just want them to match, and they sure don't.

plus 4500k is a far more usable color. Though, you should make plans to do a projector retrofit so you aren't blinding other drivers, you will get far more usable light and no hot-spots, which will make it even easier to see more and further.

I agree with retro-fit, however, I think I would be over my head in trying to do it myself.

I've tested the truck by driving by it several times on different roadways, curves, hills, and it's not bad, the glare that is. It's not perfect, but not once did I have to shield my eyes or fear of crashing.

Trust me though, I'd love a retro-fit, and maybe one of these days I'll attempt it or hopefully some company will release one for the 2005.

I also agree with 4500K being the best output, which is what I'm going for. I can say the light so far is so much better and usable than my silverstar ultra's I was running.

looks good, but they are def different, i jsut ordered 35 watt 5000k from ddm cant wait to get them!

Yeah. I first did the low beams with what I thought was 4500K and with the fog lights being halogen, the lights were obviously different. I then installed the 4500K fog lights, and was like, huh, I thought they should be close to the same in color.

Food for thought, when I called and spoke to DDM, they first said the colors between the low beams and fog lights would look different. I then replied with, "how can that be if they are the same light output color, being 4500K??" He then replied, send pics and we'll send out new bulbs.

That threw me thru a loop for a second, because I have seen countless people with the same colors, and they look the same. I'm sure DDM will take care of it, they seem to be a great company.

Inexpensive lights are a crap shoot when it comes to color. Just keep trying and you may find what satisfies you. Although the true 4300K is hard to find outside of the MFG.s D2 type bulbs.

you should leave them this way cause 4500k which is the yellowish color, has the longest wavelength therfore it will cut through fog better.

Yes. I am leaving the fog's with 4500K and want my low beams to also be 4500K. I believe they sent the wrong bulb for the low beam, which I believe is a 6000K. I want 4500K in both. As of now at night, the fog light's almost produce better visible light, which is also probably due to the normal housing of the low beams.


DDM Tuning responded to my pics and said they did send the wrong bulb color. Good so far....however, they request ME to send the bulbs back to them at MY expense and then they will resend me the correct bulbs.

Does this sound right when the mistake was THEIR fault?? Sure doesn't to me. I responded saying they need to send me the new bulbs with a pre-paid postage and after I receive the new bulbs I will send the old bulbs back.

Their way will take over a week of more, since I'm in NC and they are in CA. Maybe I'm going too far, but with their mistake, it should be fixed properly.