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Hid kits cheap


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:troops: Who else is with me? CALDWELL, squads forming and you better get some pictures up!!!

Okay, I stayed up watching Ong Bak 2 with Tony Jaa(kickass movie!!!) and now checked to see if CALDWELL has uploaded pictures. Since he hasn't when he said he would, I now vote he be BANNED!!!!!!!!!


well i would post my pics but i forgot my photobucket password.
guess im making another one.

i appologize for the crappy blackberry pics



hmm so i ordered a hid kit....8000k for both my headlights and foglights....now the headlights i installed and its PERFECT. but for some reason the foglight wont stay on for more than 5 mins till it blows the fuse. now i DO have to add that the passenger side glass broke so im not going to install that side till i get a new housing, so i only did the drivers side...would that be whats causing it to blow the fuse?

rocket2ya- Looks good, but a tad to blue for me:D How to do you like them and would you consider them an improvement over stock?

Im sorry i didnt get them up last night, but i didnt plan on getting mandated at the firehouse last night by my lieutenant for an extra 12 hrs...

i got daytime pics this morning, and waiting for dusk to take the rest so i can upload everything at once...

SSM, its blowing fuses because the ballast is shorting out, return the ballast imediately as it is defective.

Caldwel, we were just messing with you lol. But we cant wait for pics!

rocket, now get some LED's to clean up that front end some more!! HID's plus incandesant light makes me want to hit children...not seriously...but still.

Day Time Teasers... more later tonight when the sun starts to set here on the east coast...




Night Shots...






SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET thanks for the info maah man has anyone installed these yet if ive missed a post inform me i was rushing reading this...

Rocket and Myself, have the kits installed...

Rocket has 10,000K Low's, and i have 8000k Low's and Fog's...

pictures really dont do the lights justice, compared to actually driving with them on...

look on my 1st post for ordering info, if you are intersted and dont forget the discount code, cause it helps my friend out with his sponsership...

looks realy good man!! Keep it up! High beams will blow your mind btw, my 50W's have been clocked at over a mile.

Im really wanting to get my fogs replaced and get a set of the 55w 6000k's....

so you think 8k got the perfect amount of blue in it?

At this rate I might consider buying.

I think so. When I had my 92, I ordered a set of 10,000k, but I think they were actually only 6000 or 8000k, because they were so much brighter than my new 10,000k bulbs, and alot less blue.

IMO if I had to buy another set, they would be 6-8k

the 10000k's arent even that blue, imo its the perfect color tone. they are pretty bright and i love em. only thing i dont like is sometimes when i turn my truck on with my remote start only one light turns on and i have to turn the lights on and off a couple times to get them to work.

rocket, if your using an auto headlamp feature, its incompatable with HID's. auto headlamps dont use the full wattage of the system, its more of a "Look there is a vehicle here" feature, than a light up the road feature.

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i am very happy with my purchase with 8000K Low's and Fog's... the light is very nice, and a drastic difference from the silverstar' ( 4100K ) that i had...

i will be looking into 8000K High's as well later on this summer...