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HID Wiring Questions. Aftermarket Housings. (Pics)

Had some new headlights come in today and had a few questions about the wiring. I haven't taken out the stock lights yet so that doesn't help. Plan on working on them tomorrow when it is light out. Anyways, this is what I'm working with. Once i figure this out I'll try to do a write up on it. Haha



Red: These go to the Halo Rings. (Going to put them on the Parking lights)
Yellow: Assuming this is made to attatch to a factory harness.
Green: These are just paper stickers covering holes where lights are missing. I'm guessing the bulbs that belong there will transfer from the stock headlights.
Blue: LED wires, connecting them with the Halos.
Purple: One of these is supposed to be replaced with the HID bulb. Not sure which.


Blue: Looks like pretty straight forward quick connects.
[Green: Not sure where these connect.


Any help or corrections would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry about the size on that last pic. Not sure how to change it.

They plug into the low beam (red) and ground(black) on your vehs. headlight connector. Same one you pluged your old headlight bulb into.