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Hidden Falls - August 3 (Marble Falls, TX)


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A couple of us are planning on hitting up Hidden Falls on August 3, 2013, as a Central Texas get-together.

Anyone else that is interested is free to join as well. :D

A little about the venue:

DRIVING TIME: 3 Hours 8 Minutes

You've found it! Welcome to Hidden Falls Adventure Park a 3,000 acre family outdoor adventure park
offering a variety of activities and 240 miles of off-road trails. We are your outdoor destination for family
fun. Click FUN STUFF for our activities. Use the navigation bar to the left to select your outdoor activity
pr feature. Use the navigation bar to the left or right to find your activity.

We are a private park on private property. We are not associated with the State of Texas in any way.
You do not need an OHV sticker here.

We are located 7 miles east of Marble Falls on FM 1431 in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. When you
arrive at Hidden Falls, our breath taking views and sunsets will help you to unwind and start your visit off

We offer daily passes, extended stay discounts, group discounts and annual memberships.

Start your outdoor adventure today



- Fall, Winter, Spring Hours -
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
we are open every weekend, 52 weeks per year with the exception of Thanksgiving Day & Christmas if it falls
on our regular open days. We are open Mondays only for Labor Day & Memorial Day and if 4th of July weekend
falls on a Monday. We are closed to the public Monday - Wednesday except for Spring Break & the week
between Christmas & New Years. For large groups or corporate events arrangements can be open on a
Wednesday or Thursday. Conditions apply.

If you are not an Annual or Semi-Annual Members do not just show up at the gate on days we are closed and expect to ride. We will not be
able to accomodate you. Closed means closed. We do not staff the office when we are closed. If you purchase a membership you will
have access to the park 7 days per week. Memberships must be purchased during our regular park hours at our park office.

e-mail us anytime with questions

7030 E. FM 1431
Marble Falls, Texas 78654
(830) 798-9820 Phone
(830) 798-9434 Fax

Welcome to Hidden Falls, the largest off-road park in Texas offering trails for everyone.
We have developed off road trail systems for motorcycle, ATV, UTV and full size vehicles
from stock 4x4's to rock crawlers. We offer a total of 240 miles of trails. We are a private
park and we are not associated with the State of Texas in any way. No OHV stickers here.
Trails range from beginner to extreme.

Read our park rules before heading out. Our rules are on this web site and on the back of
every trail map. We do not have a huge issue with violators but If you do not or choose not
to follow our rules do not visit our park. We have "0" tolerance for violation of our rules.
The rules are in place for guest safety including those who may choose to violate our
rules. Our property is patrolled by Park Rangers and local law enforcement on weekend

With our varying terrain you and your family will have a great time. Hidden Falls is the only
off-road park of its kind. With 3,000 acres to ride we are the largest trail park in Texas
offering a full range of off-road trails. Our park is also the largest ranch in the county. Our
views are breath taking.

If you are visiting just for the day you will be required to park in our DAY USE area. Area A &
B is reserved for those who are camping and riding. Parking passes will be given out at
check in for your area. Trail maps are available at the park office or you can select your
riding style from the menu to the left anf download a trail map.

Our motorcycle trails are single track one way. Motorcycles can also utilize ATV trails. We
currently have three single track loops. Our South Loop motorcycle trail is 20 miles and
rated for intermediate riders. Our North Loop motorcycle trail is 14 miles and rated for
expert riders. The Ridge Loop is about 9 miles but we are adding more each week.
Beginers may ride on ATV trails and park roads. Speed Limit on park roads is 15mph.

We have a kids riding area at Areas A & B.

Our ATV & UTV trails are double track and consist of easy to extreme. ATv & UTV riders
can take advantage of our level 1 & 2 rated 4x4 trails as well. We have a kids riding area
located at area A and area B.

Our full size trails are rated from 1 to 6. Level 1-2 are rated for stock off road vehicles, level
3 are for modified off road vehicles and level 4, 5, 6 are for highly modified vehicles.

Full size and rock crawlers can experience some of the most extreme and difficult to
navigate terrain in Texas. Our rock crawling trails are unlike anything in Texas. Wet & Wild
will take you down and erie creek covered with trees, you will traverse thorugh water and
off camber obstacles or try Wildcat Stairway a combination of an up hill climb with ledges
and dirt to traverse.

We are open to the public Thursday - Sunday. Click on hours in the navigation bar to the
left for specific hours on days we are open.

Memberships are available. MEMBERSHIPS

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...Did you have to come back and get your X or did it make the whole trip?


..I saw you had a capable Ranger in the group so I knew you were taken care of..:biggthump

...Who all was on this run with you and can you put some handles with which vehicles?..:scratch:..I think I recognize 3 including your vehicle, but did your Bro in Law get an X yet?

Did you ever send them stickers?

I'm guessing by that last line that you haven't receive them? No worries, I'll send out another batch.

The green Mountaineer is Kris Guilbeaux. The off-white second gen is Nice59FordF100. Mine the the big black ugly one. Some local guys, Peter in the Ranger and Justin in the Ford Raptor. Other than that, some jeeps from an affiliated club (Southern High Rollers).

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..You need to get them other guys signed up on here too...Would like to know some details on the Ranger and the Raptor..

..PM being sent..;)

How is the rig working Randall? Got the bugs all sorted out??

Looks like a good time out there:chug:

Not exactly, still sorting through some brake issues.

When I adjust the rod in between the MC and vacuum booster, all seems well, then not too long afterwards, a mile or two, the brakes are locked up. I then remove the master cylinder from the vacuum booster, and the brakes release when I get the MC about half an inch away from the booster, adjust it in some more, same thing a mile or two down the road. I've tried 2 different MC's, and replaced the vacuum booster with a new one for a 91. Initially I had a 2000 Dodge 2500 Diesel MC in there, hoping to compensate for the one ton discs. I thought maybe there was a compatability problem, so I tried swapping it out for a 95 Explorer MC, since those are discs front and rear, same result.

I've bled them out a few times, thinking that might be it, and took the MC back out and bench bled it, same thing.

I was reading about how older calipers are non-quick take up, and when combined with a quick take-up (aluminum master cylinder with plastic reservior) that the calipers might have trouble unloading. I seem to be having this issue, so I'm also looking to see if I can find 'quick take-up' calipers or calipers + brackets that will bolt on to either my existing caliper brackets, or just onto my spindles but still be in line for my rotors.

Found this:
69DieselLover said:
If that is the caliper that uses the leaf spring and slide lock retainer arrangement I know that the '80-'84 F250 calipers use this same arrangement with a newer caliper but I'm not sure it will fix your problem. But that's the only other caliper I know will work with your caliper bracket. You might also be able to change the caliper and bracket to late 80's or early 90's king pin parts that may be even better.

The 80-84 still uses the old style MC, so looks like I need to figure out if 8th gen F-Series (87-91) calipers/brackets will bolt on and line up with my rotors.


BillaVista said:
I have the Ford dual piston calipers. I used the calipers from an '82 front instead of '79 (the year of my axle) because they are designed different and there is a lot less to grind luckily someone told me this.) With these '82 Ford calipers there really isn't that much to grind, it just takes time to find the spots where it's touching and rubbing. Now that I have one done I think I can probably do the other side in about 10 minutes. The '79 has a large lip/edge along the whole outer part of the caliper. the '82 calipers I bought do not have this lip. It is only raised at the ends and that receives a bit of grinding to fit. These calipers can be seen on TTB Fords with dual piston calipers. . I was originally told about this switch by Steve at "Differential Engineering" in Winter Haven, FL

I went to the store today and compared an 82' Dana 60 caliper to my 79' calipers. my question is how do you fit the 82's on the 79' caliper bracket? I noticed they were the right size to fit the slide groves but there were some cast nipples on the 82' that would not allow the caliper to fit. do you need to grind these down and what other issues would I run into putting these on my 79'

I think Ford used 3 different mounting setups for the twin piston calipers. One uses the little wedges that are held on with a bolt 78/79 and maybe a few years in the 80's. Mines a 92 and uses little wedges with rubber in the center, and then the newest style that is held on with 2 bolts.

I'm also going to try bypassing the stock ABS this weekend, using James T's post regarding bypassing the ABS unit, and currently searching for the 12 mm blakeline T-block.

james t said:
Brakes are plumbed and bled.

If you want to get rid of the 4wheel ABS pump, this is the easiest way-

You will need 3 male ends for 3/16" brake line, a female T for those ends, and your standard brake line cutting and flaring tools. The thread size doesnt matter so long as its all for 3/16" line, and your fitting threads match the T block. Your Explorer has a mixture of 12mm and 10mm fittings on standard 3/16" line.

The factory rear brake line that runs to the ABS pump gets bent upward and screws right into the brake master cylinder. Bam, you're done with the rear.

The front is where your new ends and the T block come in. Mount the T block on the frame around were the ABS pump used to be. Us the factory master cylinder-to-ABS pump line to go to the T. Cut the end off the bottom of that line and add your new standard fitting, and reflare it. Your other stock front brake lines (the ones that run from the frame to the drop lines to the caliper) will get the same treatment. Just cut the ends off, and the new ends and flare it.

I can tell you now if you can find a metric brake T block that is for 12mm threads you dont have to change the ends. I could not find such animal... not even online.

Just putting this out there incase some of you want to get rid of the 4wheel ABS pump- i couldnt really find alot of info on it. Thanx section525 for your help.


I'm probably going to throw the Dodge MC back in there, along with a 2000 Super Duty hydroboost unit and go from there, along with bypassing the ABS, and perhaps upgrading the calipers. Hopefully that all makes some sort of sense. Haha

Ditching the ABS controller will be a good start. That could very well be the source of the problem.