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Hidden Falls Offroad Park, Marble Falls, TX trip

June 14, 2009
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Goliad, TX
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91 Explorer
I am going up to hidden Falls Offroad Park in Marble Falls, TX with a bunch of jeep guys for the weekend of October 9-11th will be camping in the primitive area. There will be about 5 trucks all Jeeps except for my Red and grey Exploder. Maybe I will see a few other Explorers there. Thanks Jeff

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Have you been there before? Report back to how it is there. Thanks.

Have fun and post up a report when you get back!

Been there 3 times this year this will be the fourth time. The place is awsome. Lots of trails. You can ride all weekend and not hit them all. The owner and park are very nice and laid back. Really nice area with rolling hills and ravines. I would recommend it to anyone.

You bought a yearly membership? Or do you just pay for Sat/Sun? And how much? Thanks.

I pay for the weekend but this time I might get the membership becuase if u go more than 3 times the membership is cheaper plus you can get in on the week days to wheel also. Can't wait 1 more day and I will be relaxing and having fun. The weather is going to be cool too.

In for pics.

Pretty good drive for me, but id be willing to meet up there in the future if you Texas crew wanna go. :)

My friend, Txplates, lives in Marble Falls. We've talked about going there before. But, last time I had my truck up there we went to Katemcy Rocks before it closed.

Nice avatar James!

In for pics.

Pretty good drive for me, but id be willing to meet up there in the future if you Texas crew wanna go. :)
Let me know too, I'll meet up in TexArk.

It was cold and wet but besides that everything went great except my brother rear ended the Exploder with is no driving skills. Need to replace the hatch now. But besides that we went on 3 level 5 trails and a bunch of 3 and 4 level trails and only had to winch up just one. No broken parts either which is a big plus. Yes it would be fun to get together and go wheel there. I am thinking of going again November 14th weekend but will probable cut a trail for at least half a day and I will get in for the weekend Free and you get to name the trail and set the level too.


Yeah it is a pretty fun truck to play with. Don't see very many wheeling out there.

Another trip to Hidden Falls Offroad park.

I am planning on going up The weekend of November 14th. I will probably go cut trails for half a day and then wheel the rest of the weekend.

I recognize your truck. I ran into you (or its previous owner) at Gilmer a while back. :)