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Hidden Winch Mount Pictures Please

Well, as chances have it, I have not started this. But your pictures help. Thanks!

I can see without a body lift it is going to be tighter. I doubt I will be able to squeeze a front hitch in there.

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Yeah, I think space wise, the body lift is pretty key.

this answered questions i had floating in my head. good thing i like to look around. another project added to the long list.

I'm sorry it took sooooo long, but better late than never. Chances are you've already completed your project.

You can see in the pictures where both mounts are bolted to the frame and then a small weld to join the hitch receiver and winch plat. In the last pic you can see the notch cut out of the facia so I can reach in and pull the lever.

DominicanX, what brand is your front receiver mount?

Maybe a smaller winch like a 6000 pound one will work with out a body lift.

I just wish I had gotten a picture of my winch set up. mine was symilur to Fishfoods. But mine wasn't welded to the frame, grade 8 bolts. Smittybilt XR8000.


winch mount

my mounting bracket is not welded... it is held on with grade 8's as well.....the only weld is the small piece of angle that the winch mount sits on the bolts tie the plate to the angle..... in theory I expected that I was going to be able to undo the bolts and slide the whole assembly in and out..... didn't work that easy...... it is a jig saw puzzle with each piece being in the way of the next..... I hope I don't ever have to remove it, because I don't think I can remember the sequence.... I have CRS disease.

I totally forgot to post my pictures of my install in this thread. Sorry guys.

Here is the link to the album of the poictures I took when installing my new winch: http://s657.photobucket.com/user/bronchole/library/97 Mountaineer/Hidden winch?sort=3&page=1

And here are a couple of the pictures:




Hey bronchole,
Did u make that cradle? If not where can I get one

Here you go! I did get my bumper back on. I need to do some futzing to get it level, and have to figure out a way to easily access the clutch and control connector. I can reach them through the hole, but it's not easy....

My gf thinks it looked better without the bumper. LOL. She wants me to take it back off.








Well Crap.... Those aren't working. Just go here, and you can scroll through my Flickr and see the pics.


That's awesome! :thumbsup: I'm pretty sure I'm going to do this to my mounty. Thanks!

These all look great. Any chance this will work on a 3rd gen?

I know this thread is old but I'll add mine as well.

A flat plate with the winch mount pattern plasma cut in it and welded between the frame rails. A stiffener bar welded across the front.

The frame on my '97 was too tight to keep the relay on the winch so it had to be located above it.

The remote plug is here with an access hole for the clutch engage just to the driver side:

And when all said and done, this is all you see:


And my only picture using it- on a Jeep!

(Or getting ready to use it as the case may be)