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Hiding equipment


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August 4, 2000
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Does anyone have any information on hiding equipment in a 99 sport?

door speakers - I have 2 sets of mbquart 6.5 referenz comps - which I think I can fit in the factory front and rear 5x7 locations (with some modification) - can anyone support this?

amps - I have 1 Alpine mrvf400 (components) and 1 kicker zr360 (10" solobaric in qform). Where can I put these amps so that they are somewhat hidden?
- the factory location is way too small
- I might be able to put them under the rear seats, but I wouldn't be able to fold the seats down.
The only alternative I can think of is having a custom/carpeted enclosure built. Anyone have any ideas?


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We have 2 amps hidden in a false floor... It is completly hidden (we were in a hurry when we made it).. 1/3 of the box if for the amps.. and the other 2/3 is for storage.. We put 2 fans blowing air over the amps and 2 more pulling the air out of the box..

here is what it looks like from the back.. (I know.. it isn't exactly pretty but you will get the idea)..

You can't tell what it is.. it just looks like a box..
The back section opens up for storage...

here is a picture of the amp side..

One thing we are going to do on the next one we make is to make it taller so we can make it look more like a false floor. With it higher than the wheel wells we can put the top all the way across so you can really see it. When we come back from Mexico the border patrol asks what is in the big brown box but they almost never see the false floor part since you can't really see it is there unless the back door is open.. and we have never been asked to open the other side (amp side).. (I don't even think they know it is there)


I dont know about stealthy... but its a pretty neat idea. After If get all my equipment ripped off I might try something to hide my stuff.. what about subs though? theres not much you can do about that eh? You could always pull your trunk cover closed... :)

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I have a pretty simmilar desing for my box too. But mine goes over the wheel wells. Its all carpeted too and looks really nice. I have a plug that go over my amps and another plug that goes over my subs. When you put the plugs over my sh#t it looks like its not there! Well at least to a stupid person it does. But it makes it not look like a speaker box to a walk by or a parking lot theaf. There is no completly stealth way of hiding a big stereo because if you have one you will want to turn it up and bump it. When a theaf hears you it dosn't matter what kinda box you have or how well you hid it he will know you have one. The trick is to make it harder for him to steal it from you. You know alarm, weird bolts, lots and lots of screws, you know stupid crap like that. Hope some of my information is a help. Hey and if all fails and you get your stuff jacked you get like a hell of a lot of money from your insurance company and you can buy whatever you want with it. I know this first hand. I first bought a 800a4 and 2 rf xlc 12's. I got it ripped of and now i have even better stuff then i could have ever imagine. The only crappy thing is that thoughs retards stole my remote to my cd player and insurance dosn't care about that so i have to buy a new one. Well i think i have said enough. C'ya.

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Yeah.. i need to go to my insurance company and tell give em an update on my stuff. I worth more now! :)


If you have a cargo cover then you can mount the amps on the back of the seats and pull the cover over it to hide them. I am pretty sure it will cover the sub too.

Thats what i do. :) Of course... some people might want to know what you got under that cargo cover... hehe


yeah, that rear cargo cover worked well when i had 4 10" subs in the back end...I made sure to have the guy who built my box have the height low enought for that to cover it. A thought though... anyone who knows your vehicle...well generally you'd hear that you have a system in it....I mean...loud thumping sounds coming from an explorer generally denotes a system. I think the best thing to do is not worry about hiding the equipment...but rather spend a little extra, go get a Viper Alarm...HAVE IT PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED... thats very important, because if you do, then DEI will warranty a certain dollar amount of your system. PLUS the Viper series of alarms has lifetime warranty when installed by a certified dealer.

Just a thought....