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High and Low Fuel codes?!?


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January 9, 2015
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68 bronco, 98 expy
Hey All,
I'm dealing with some issues with a 1996 Ranger 4x4 4.0 auto tranny.
It has had a rough running engine.
Originally had a DPFE CEL code, so I replaced that. At the same time I also installed a new MAF and an IAC (they were the original parts, figured it was time to replace).
The new DPFE CEL cleared, but about 4 days later it threw a 'P0231- Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit Low' code, and started running rough.
I installed a new fuel pressure regulator, but rough running condition remained.
Had the truck tested at a Ford dealership, and they confirmed the fuel pressure was a little below specs, so I just installed a new Bosch fuel pump.
It is still running rough.
Fuel CB. and relay are new too.
Now it's throwing out a 'P0232- Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit High' code!
Oh, and the Ford tech said that the ECM was bad, what are the options for replacing it?

Thanks for any help,
Robert S.