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High flow Cat


December 14, 2000
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What kind of High flow Cat would u guys recommend.....or would it be good to hollow them out?....I don't really care about emmissions until inspection time come?

on my friend's F-150 the muffler shop hollowed his front cat and then hooked a hi-flo on back. It sounds and performs great. Me on the other hand went with a bolt on hi-flo cat(front and rear together) and it cost me $240 something at http://www.truckperformance.com . My explorer exhales better now with the hi-flo cat and flowmaster exhaust. For some, I heard it did not do great.

Hollowing it out makes driving at 55- 65 a real pain in the... I think it is cause there is no low end torque in the rpm range. I also had borla headers and a borla cat back. http://www.randomtechnology.com makes good hi-flow converters. I sent them an e-mail and this is what i got back.

The direct fit high flow replacement incorporates 2 converters (just like the original). It's a bolt in-- no welding or modifications required and sells for $325.