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High Idle / Pinging / TPS Voltage


November 30, 2006
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91 and 94 XLT's
I was getting low heat for a while now and I finally replaced the thermostat which cleared it right up.

Here are my current problems

Before, when the engine wouldnt heat up as much, it would ping only at high speed. Now that it comes up to a normal operating temp, it pings like crasy when I'm on the highway.

Another problem is the idle. It's fine when I take it on short trips, but when I go somewhere thats 15 or more miles away, the idel goes up to 2 - 2.5k when I put it in park. Shutting down the engine and starting it back up corrects that problem.

Lastly, I had the codes pulled at Advanced auto and it came back with a code relating to the TPS sensor. Low voltage or something like that. (The paper is at home).

Here are my questions.

I have been reading about the pinging and one of the things listed are leaky intake gaskets. How can I test for this?

Is the idle and TPS sensor stuff related?

Lastly, Can I adjust the TPS sensor on the X like I used to do on my 5.0 mustang and my current lightning? .99v?

Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm going to do the seafoam stuff, run some injector cleaner through it, clean the maf, and clean the iac this week but I figured I should ask to see if there are other things I should do.



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December 27, 2001
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I have been reading about the pinging and one of the things listed are leaky intake gaskets. How can I test for this?
my usual first "test" for this is to grab my torque wrench and see if the bolts are tight. Usually, if the intake gasket is contributing to pinging, torqueing the bolts to spec is enough to fix it.

TPS and idle could easily be related, and I wouldn't be entirely surprised if the low TPS reading is contributing to the pinging. 1st question with codes is usually is it a KOEO code or a CM code?

I don't think the Explorer's TPS is set up to be adjusted, but I think it can still be done if you elongate the mounting holes a little. Though I'm not sure adjusting it will do much. EEC-IV isn't overly sensitive to faults. If the TPS is going out of range far enough to trigger the CEL and a DTC, then it probably has a flat spot in it (or other fault in the circuit) that requires repair.