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High Idle when coming to a stop


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October 10, 2005
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Toronto, ON
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'92 XLT 4x4 (4 door)
When i start it, it idles fine, around 6-700. Then I drive it for a bit and when I come to a stop and pop it into neutral, the idle hovers around 1100 for a while, then comes down eventually. Sometimes if I'm on the hiway for a bit, then come off to a stop, it'll hover around 1500. If I turn off the engine and restart, it idles normal again.
Any ideas???

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Dirty IAC

It sounds like you have a dirty Idle Air Control Valve. It is located on the driverside of the upper intake plenum, right be hind the throttle body. If you remove it be careful with the gasket as a tear will cause drivability issues. If it is all black and carboned up clean it with carb cleaner (hold it motor side up so you don't mess up the motor assy). Any questions pm me.

Thanks man..I won't get a chance to look under the hood for a week or two probablly, but I'll let ya know if I need help.

Acuatlly had a sec to peek in there today. Not quite sure where to look. Any pics?
Also, how do you remove it? Or do you need to in order to clean it?

the idle air motor is the on the upper intake next to the throttle body on the driver side. its about 4" long with a wire pluged into it.

How do you remove it to clean it though?

Fordnut...i see you live in the 'bridge! I'm in the area too.
Do you offroad at all? I'm new to the area and don't know where any trails are. PM me if you know of any...muddy season is coming up :-)

2 bolts a plug an some carb cleaner.

I don't know if it will help, but my idle was also schizophrenic. replacing the fuel filter fixed that.

In this pic, is the red circled part the IAC?
Do you simply unplug the electrical connection and unbolt it? Then spray down the end with Carb cleaner? Or is there any ports, etc. that can get clogged?

thats it. just clean the plunger end well once you take it off.

Got the IAC off yesterday and cleaned it out with carb cleaner. The plunger moves freely again and the idle is back to normal.
Thanks for the help guys.:thumbsup:

good to hear that it worked out well for you.