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High Lift jack quietness


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Thought I'd share this tip that worked really well for me.
I had a rattle that was driving me crazy in the bed of my truck.
I knew it was not the handle of my High Jack cause I'd already fixed that a long time ago.
Found out it was the lower part of the jack where there were two bolts.
Only thing I had laying around the garage was this tube of Disc Brake Quiet.
So I squeezed some on either side of the parts that were rattling and Bingo...when it dried nice and rubbery the noise was eliminated.
I'm sure regular everyday silicone would work also.

Good idea. This, along with the ice/water in the cooler sloshing around is driving me nuts.

If you have enough beer in the cooler it wont slosh around so bad.:p:

But how are we sure how much is the right amount of beer for the cooler. Gotta bring a backup cooler you know just incase.