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High Oil Pressure?


November 28, 2006
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Miami, FL
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'93 XLT

Two days ago I noticed my Oil Pressure gauge showing between Normal and H where it used to show in the R-L before under normal drivng.

I tested to see if pressure would get into the H under full throttle at high RPM's but it just stays over normal, same as cruising.

Should I be worried? Oil Level is correct and I haven't added any oil before this started happening.

During driving when it's showing over normal, I put the truck in neutral, turn the engine off and restart, sometimes it will stay in the NORMAL and sometimes it will eventually creep beyond normal.

What I found on the AutoZone page: "High oil pressure readings could be caused by an overfilled crankcase, too high of an oil viscosity or a faulty pressure relief valve." Truck has ran on 20W-50 since and before I got it at 127k. Currently has 135k.

So is it the Pressure release Valve, sender to the guage? Where should I start diagnosis. Thank you.


If you have a '93 then you actually don't have a real oil pressure gauge. You have an analog idiot light. You can modify your factory gauge and change the sending unit type to make it actually read something. What your seeing now is just voltage change since the sending unit only reads a single reading once you hit about 7psi.

There are many threads about the "fake oil pressure" gauge. Its easy to modify your factory gauge (you just short out a 20 ohm resister on the back of the cluster) and change the sending unit from the small style you have now to the larger one that was normal issue on the mid 70's ford. I believe the sending unit is called a neihoff f133.

Here's a pic showing the different sizes...

EDIT: I found the thread.. its http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14894&page=1


Thank you for the info and looking for the thread. 4 pages into the reading I decided I won't mess with it, might just clean the sender and replace the ground cable end. Might also invest in an oil back-flush, even though I'm not getting any lifter noise, though it still pings over 4k on 93 octane and running techron though the fuel.

As long as it doesn't drop to zero I'm good even though 6psi sounds scary (if the sender disengages below 5psi. Thanks again.