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High Pressure A/C Port Cap


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October 13, 2014
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Marietta, GA
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1994 Ford Explorer XLT
My 1994 Explorer doesn't have high or low pressure A/C service port caps (didn't have them when I purchased it).

I bought a replacement set (both high and low caps) from Advanced Auto. The low side cap screws on fine. The high side port doesn't have any inside threads to screw the cap on to.

I called a Ford dealership who said the caps have been discontinued. I went to NAPA and they don't show any either!

Who knows where to get a replacement high pressure port cap for a 1994 (r134-a)? How does it stay on without threads?

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The low side might just not have the R-134a adapters on the fitting, since a lot of the A/C parts for the Explorer are now dual-use with R-12 and R-134a, so they usually have R-12 ports and need R-134a adapters.

You can get R-134a port covers at auto parts stores without specifying what vehicle they are for, they should just pop on and hold to the ridge around the outside without threading on, the same way the gauge hose fittings hold onto the ports when filling the system or checking pressures.

If you want the same style as factory, you can get them off a vehicle at the salvage yard, lots of Ford vehicles should have them.


The car came factory with r134-a. Since there's no threads on the high port I figured there had to be a cap that just 'pushed on' rather and was screwed on.

The 1994 Explorers came with R-134a, but it was really just the R-12 system like the 91-93 Explorers had, with a special hose and high pressure sensor due to the higher pressures of R-134a over R-12.

The caps like the ones pictured above just push on.

That makes sense, thanks.