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High RPM / 3rd gear jerking


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July 24, 2015
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My girlfriends 1994 ford explorer (130k miles) is having a problem that will not allow her car to pass a smog test. When she is driving around 35+ mphs , the car has trouble getting into(I think 3Rd gear). It will stay at 35mph and the RPM needle will almost get to the red before it jerks into that gear. It is fine after that point and does not happen at any other speed or gear. Since it stays at 35mph and RPM gets high, the smog test fails due to the high RPM and not shifting into 3rd gear on time. We have no idea what is happening. Prior to this, the car broke down and would not start. When a friend looked at it, he reconnectted a 1/4 air house to/or near the carbartor (I guess it came off). This got the car to start but after that is when this new issue started happening. Besides an intermediate fuel pump issue, this high RPM and shifting gear problem is new. Any ideas?. Please help. And thank you so much.