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High RPMs after warmup


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February 25, 2003
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lewisville, tx
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91 Eddie Bauer
Just recently the RPMs started running at around 1400-1500 after the engine warms up and I give it some gas while still in park.. It will sometimes happen after I've been driving and park somewhere too.

While it's in gear though, I don't notice any change or RPM fluctuation. Really weird.

Recently changed the fuel filter and cleaned the MAS, and reset the computer to compensate.

I did a search for this problem but came up with random results and couldn't find anything similar to mine. If I shut it off and restart it, the RPMs go back to normal until I give it some gas.

Any suggestions?

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Yes, check the throttle body. It might be sticking. Or the throttle cable could need some lubrication or adjustment. There's lots of threads about cleaning the TB.

I had this exact problem a month ago or so and thought something was seriously wrong. It ended up that my muffler had corroded at the connection to the pipe in such a way that the muffler had fallen down a few inches and was blocking off the pipe. It would be a strange coincidence if you have the same problem as me but what you described is the same problem i had. It only surged in park and only after giving it gas.

Weird.. My whole exhaust system looks like it's about to fall apart from rust eating through it.. I want to replace it, but I figured hey, it still works, and if it fell apart it wouldn't be like a huge catastrophe..

Did you just end up buying a new catback system, or was there something you could do to remedy it. I'll go have a look outside in a bit and see if I can find anything.

I took the section of exhaust off that was already hanging and blocking the flow and that fixed the problem. For me my exhaust did not make any excess noise by doing this until recently when it got real loud. I will be getting a cat-back in a week when i go home for spring break