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High RPM's, no acceleration

Sugo Kaidan

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October 4, 2008
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'94 explorer sport
Starting a few days ago, maybe on Monday, I noticed that when trying to accelerate that my RPMs would go up, but my speed would either stay the same or slowly climb up. Today on my way home from work, I was traveling up a hill, in fourth gear at about 3000 rpms, but I was loosing speed.

A month ago I replaced the MAF sensor and it's mount, that cleaned up a lot of issues it was having. The explorer runs, but it lags a little in first gear and then every gear has the engine turning faster with slow acceleration, any possible suggestions?

It's a 1994 Explorer, five speed manual.

Does the clutch grab good when starting off in 1st gear? If it feels a little weak, then it's probably time to change it, as it sounds like your clutch is worn out. In higher gears, there is a better chance that it will slip when worn.

The clutch was changed two years ago. I can start off fine, it just doesn't let me accelerate like I should once I'm in the higher gears. I haven't tried pressing the pedal all the way down, yet, and because of this issue I'm a bit leery on trying that.

you've got a bad clutch, not an engine problem.