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High speed rumbling


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April 24, 2015
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2005 Ford Explorer
I have a 2005 Ford explorer. I've had several issues over the past few months, which I think have all been taken care of except one. It started with horrible vibrating and shaking while driving at high speeds, which was due to bad u-joints and an out of balance drive line, which have been fixed. I still had some vibrating after that so I took it back to the shop and they replaced my shocks/struts. Tires have been balanced twice, and rotated. I still had a grinding sound coming from under the left front tire so my husband replaced my wheel bearing on that side. The grind is gone but when I hit the highway and go around 70-75 my car makes a rumble noise. Like if you'd drive over a rumble strip on the highway but there's no vibrating associated with the noise, it's just a noise, and it's pretty loud. I spoke with my uncle who is an experienced mechanic (50+ years) but he didn't have too much to say without looking at the car, as he lives in Montana and I'm in Nevada. He mentioned it could possibly need a front end alignment but I told him there's no play in the wheel, it doesn't drift while driving it and it drives fine except for that awful rumble noise. ANY ideas at all? I have to take it to Montana in August and I want to make sure I'll be good to go before I leave. TIA

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Look at the inside of the tire for wear. Or weird wear on the tread. Play with the inner wheel well pieces to see if they are moving/bending at high speeds and rubbing on the tires.

any other suggestions? It isn't out of balance and my tires aren't worn in an abnormal pattern

If it consistently does it, you might take it to the dealer and have them take it out on the highway. Pay for the diagnosis if anything, then have your husband do the repair.

It's going in to a mechanic shop tomorrow. The nearest Ford dealership to me is 186 miles away....