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List of Useful Threads Hints for a Pre-Pick Up Inspection & Used Ex. Check List

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After reading some of the other posts, I decided to try to create a list of items to check to avoid picking up my Explorer in the excitement of the moment only to find issues or missing items a few days later. I combed over the forum to capture other owner’s experiences with picking up their Ex’s or common problems I should look for. Please feel free to add any additional issues or pieces of good advice.

  • Check VIN to match paperwork
  • Check existing mileage on odometer and ensure paperwork matches for warranty
  • Check for the Securicode keyless entry panel code and test it

Examine the entire exterior of vehicle for any scratches or dents. Check all lights, mirrors, windows, tires, paint, etc.
  • Signs of moisture inside Mirror Marker Lamp on lower front of side mirrors
  • Check to ensure Rear hatch is even and opens correctly
  • Moisture or condensation in headlights or signals
  • Defroster lines all work on rear window
  • No pits, cracks, or marks on windshields or windows and all move as expected
  • Wheels are correct type and free of marks
  • Washers for cameras (if equipped)

Examine the interior for all features and ensure everything is in working order.
  • Cool/heated seats working and not loud noise
  • Seats should move in all directions
  • Check Sony Radio/CD/navigation system/etc. all tested
  • Check heat and air condition climate controls on all settings
  • Ambient lighting (if equipped)
  • Rearview Camera and Front Camera (if equipped)

  • Check spare tire area for signs of moisture

  • Check for latest MFT update (currently 3.8 which translates to
    3.08.15128.EA.10_PRODUCT on the MFT screen software screen)
  • Check SD navigation card for those with Navigation. Latest is an A7 (I believe) card.
  • Check My Key fob
  • Lock and unlock doors and liftgate
  • Remote start

Test Drive
Check steering, transmission, ride, and braking
  • Adapt Cruise control/collision warning working
  • Listen for any A Pillar or cowl noises at highway speed
  • Wipers and washers work
  • Blind spot monitoring system works

Items from Dealer
  • Door keypad code
  • Owner manual
  • Sirius radio subscription information
  • Any accessory items
  • Roof rack cross bars
  • Floor mats
  • Cargo shade
  • Mud guards
Thanks for the list.... really EX won't be here for a couple more months, but I will certainly print this list off and add a few other things... should make for a very exciting day!