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History of my 99


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December 2, 2008
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Lambertville Mich
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90 B2
Thought I would go through all my pix of my 99 Ranger and thought it would make a cool post so bare with me while I bore you with my trucks history.

I bought it off a buddies used car lot back in 2005 for 6800.00 and it was bone stock with 71k on it. 4.0 with an auto and 4.10's.

First thing I had to do was fix the valvebody and installed a Trans-Go shift kit. I mounted some ProComp 140w lites to the bumper and took out for the first time with my buddy in his stock TJ.Surprisingly to me my Ranger was better off road than my buddies Jeep even with him on better tires.

At this point I was hooked. Mods began.
Next thing I did was buy a set of 265/75-16 Maxxis Buckshot Mudders,install a FMS T-Lok in the rear,Explorer diff cover,a 3" catback with Magnaflow muffler,ProComp rear shocks,and some nice tunes.



Then I did Rancho 2" AAL and cranked up the front bars.


I wheeled it like this a few times and couldnt believe how great it did off road. All my buddies had built Jeeps and I always caught crap for tryin to wheel a Ranger but I not once were they able to get through someplace I wasnt!

More to come......

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Next mod was to remove the front sway to try and get some more flex from the front end. Then I built a skid plate out of square tubing and diamond plate to protect the powersteering lines I had broke on a previous trip.







Then I built a cowl snorkel.Best mod up to that point.





I put a 3" RV crapper dump valve on the front of the air box so I can open it for daily driving and then close it off for off roading so then it will get air from base of the windshield. I also extended all breather lines for deep water crossing which we always seemed to run into.Box is water tight to this day.

Next round of mods included a front Aussie locker and new CV shafts to replace broken ones.
And I bought a Champion 9500lb winch...I know its no Warn but even though everybody told me it was a waist of money to buy a cheaper winch it really hasnt let me down.After lookin around for about three months to find somebody who had one that failed I couldnt,so I bought it and over two years later it still fine.And I bought some 16x8 wheels.



I have pretty much been wheeling it like this for the last two years. Truck has been amazing and always impresses the others.Yes I have broke a few front CV's and have had to rebuild my rear T-lok 3 times and I have pancaked the passenger side pretty good but other than that it has been great........until this past July.

On my last trip I was the first guy in line crossing a creek that in past was never a problem but this time the bottom was much softer and swallowed my truck to the door handles!I had water up to the seat bottoms inside so I climbed out the window to pull some cable after nobody could snatch me out. Well my winch wouldnt work which I thought was because it was completely under water so after more people tried snatching me out I ended up with two broken CV shafts,a broken Aussie and trans blew up. It was only then that I discovered the power cable to the winch was not tight at the battery! I tightened it up and that 420.00 Champion winch pulled me 75ft without any help from my truck.I did overheat the motor and blew both headgaskets out also during the winch pull.

So thats how it sits in my driveway today. I pulled the winch and wheels to swap on my Bronco2 and I think once its fixed it will just be the tow vehicle for my B2 from now on.Maybe some light snow wheelin but nothing serious anymore for the Ranger.

Here are some action shots from past trips.









Thanks for lookin!

thats one badass ranger. i bet a 6inch lift woulda solved any problems you had.

nice ranger